Japanese girl in Hongkong involving HK $million telephone fraud arrested – claiming to be victims of dachiyouxiang

Japanese girl in Hongkong involving HK $million telephone fraud arrested for claiming to be victims of the new October new network – in 9, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reports, telephone fraud rampant expose "the case". A businesswoman in Hongkong recently to answer the Yau Ma Tei, a man claiming to be the immigration officers man calls, the other at the criminal cases, requirements for the delivery of 1 million yuan (HK $, the same below) margin, but fortunately businesswoman before calling the Immigration Department to verify the payment to expose the scam, police officers beat him at his own game, the woman to be arranged as Hong Kong JiuLong Railway Station delivery of large sums of money, which successfully arrested a 18 year old Japanese born female but the hustler, arguing that he is also a victim telephone fraud, police detained the Japanese woman with investigation. The arrested suspected Japanese born adventuress KAZUKO (18 years old), it is reported that their parents were Japanese, she grew up in Hongkong, Hongkong identity card holders, fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, after graduating from high school still unemployed. Because of her record receive large sums of money, once the woman to show a false police documents, even claiming to be a police officer, which involved trying to "fraud" and "take the police" and "have been known or believed to represent the proceeds of an indictable offence" (i.e. money laundering cases) were detained overnight, follow-up by Yau Tsim District criminal investigation team tenth. To assist the police to outwit the power party cheat adventuress female businessman surnamed Liang (31 years old), the news that she received a telephone fraudsters once extracted 1 million yuan for gospel truth, more cash, and according to the instructions with money by car, ready to MTR JiuLong Railway Station "round square" platform garden and Hustler making a payment, but in turn take a moment before suddenly awaken something unusual, in consultation with the 54 year old male driver after confirmation call the Immigration Department, eventually exposed the hoax, then at 5 in the afternoon 06 points from the driver to the police for help. The police received a report immediately after the woman disguised as being counted, arrange, continue to "round square" garden platform delivered large sums of money, a large number of officers in the area make careful deployment of surveillance, during which a girl appeared to see if the woman received large sums of money, then stepped forward to stop each other will be arrested. The news that the girl was arrested after the police to argue that he is also the victim of telephone fraud, mistake is to help arrest economic criminals, in exchange for "amnesty". As for the false documents held by the police, it is through communication software provided by fraudsters and her own printing use. The similar case also occurred last year, the hotel room female pipe at the end of July last year, holding a fake police appointed to a 82 year old woman was arrested after she received 200 thousand yuan, has also argued that he was a victim of telephone fraud, and claimed to assist the telephone fraud group, but in the end last month was lashed out at the district court judge her "journey to the west, lies, fraud scam, ruling female housing 3 counts of conspiracy to money laundering and possession of a false instrument convicted, jailed for 3 years.相关的主题文章: