Japanese media Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party and the opposition to the constitutional Fanzao ster zuczug

Japanese media: Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party and the opposition to the constitutional Fanzao sternly criticized the data figure: Japan type 88 ground to ship missiles in new network on 17 November, according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported, in favor of Andouble under the constitutional government forces for the Japanese house and Senate proposed constitutional amendments required more than 2/3 seats to 16 this month. The constitutional review will first start to discuss Japan’s parliament. The report pointed out that the debate behind in front of the curtain, to put the opposition between introduced "consultation table" paving the way for the constitutional amendment of the Democratic Party of Japan and would like to take this platform to criticism of prime minister Abe Shinzo’s opposition party launched a comprehensive contest. "Citizens have begun to think that the constitution alone cannot protect families, regions and countries." 16 days in the Senate constitutional review conference that the views of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party members, Nakagawa Masaharu pointed out that the East Japan earthquake and extremist terrorist attacks and other domestic instability caused by the more seats to the constitutional power of "national consciousness change". He stressed that to promote the constitutional significance of the discussion. In this regard, Japanese opposition is sternly criticized. Japan’s Democratic Progressive Party members accused of white, said: the government and the ruling party did not understand constitutionalism." "It is now time to play the role of the Constitution and make the reality closer to the ideal of the constitution," said the Communist Party member." It is understood that the Japanese constitution will review the substantive discussion from the last about nine months. The house of representatives of Japan will restart in 17 days of constitutional review, out of turn stop state lasted about one year and five months. The Liberal Democratic Party submitted by opposition parties criticized on 2012 the LDP draft constitutional amendment act as the resumption of the turn to congress. Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party put the constitution as the basic policy of the party, but at the shelved draft will restart the constitutional review meeting. The reason, a senior member of the Liberal Democratic Party said "discussion is very important, it looks like the long way around, but in fact it is a shortcut to the constitution". Japanese media pointed out that the Japanese government will show through consultation into an established fact ", with intent to move closer to the specific constitutional provisions of the lock. But Japan’s ruling party itself is not monolithic. In the Constitutional Review Conference of 16 days, according to the current Liberal Democratic Party proposed the "constitution" is the occupation by the Allied general headquarters in Japan (GHQ) "on" and "the formation process of the problems, the New Komeito party countered that" a careful review of the "constitution" forming process can be sure not to impose "(Nishida Mihito). Japan in July after the Senate election, the DPP amended "cons" under the Andouble administration’s policy, to respond flexibly to the constitution will review the attitude. In the background, in June last year, the constitutional review conference, 3 constitutional scholars invited clearly pointed out that the Security Act unconstitutional, the DPP had to resort to a strong national good opportunity act "unfair" this "successful experience". In the future constitutional review conference the party will also emphasize the security law "unconstitutional" at the same time, for the LDP draft Constitutional Amendment issues to recreate the security law review. As a constitutional investigation tower chairman Eno Yukio said that "the Constitution and constitutional discussion" discussion, said it will not agree to the Liberal Democratic Party in an attempt to achieve the constitutional provisions related to lock.相关的主题文章: