Jiaduobao self defense collapse theory is not hindered terminal panic borderland

Jiaduobao self defense "collapse theory" is not hindered terminal panic [Abstract] by all kinds of negative public opinion coerced days jiaduobao, decided in November 15th to tell the outside world alive "". By all kinds of negative public opinion coerced days decided on November 15th jiaduobao release signal that is foreign, with their best way to tell the outside world title program "live well". However, for the management of dealers and retailers jiaduobao for many years, this kind of action is just a tranquilizer, although the jiaduobao products supply chain has not affected by the rumors, but Kata Boryocha’s decline in sales and marketing expenses decreased, for these are in the industry chain terminal people feel a lack of confidence. The supply chain has not been affected by Zhang Hua (a pseudonym) is a city of Shaanxi Province, jiaduobao dealer, from the trademark dispute before Wang Laoji has been to a pot of gold now jiaduobao, even after the name change, for packaging, advertising for a series of unrest, but Zhang Hua has not given up on the extra treasure agent, because in his opinion, the agency is still profitable but jiaduobao, Zhang Hua did not think so, jiaduobao recently reoccurrence of layoffs storm, Zhang Hua did indeed have a little panic. Zhang Hua heard more information from news reports. Recently, jiaduobao is affected by the parent company and stopping sales decline, jiaduobao is massive layoffs, shutting down factories, upstream and downstream partners capital chain tension also brought the arrears, logistics companies etc.. In the face of a series of rumors, jiaduobao repeatedly foreign defense, but very little "groundless statement", the storm of public opinion to jiaduobao passive into the zone The sun sinks in the west.. In fact, for many years and jiaduobao dealing with Zhang Hua is very easy to distinguish between true and false rumors. "Now jiaduobao adequate supply of goods in stock is also very abundant, production is more anecdotal rumors." For layoffs, Zhang Hua also expressed understanding. "There is indeed a flow of people, but in my opinion this is a normal phenomenon, which does not mean any problems." Beijing, a supermarket commodity Department official also told the Beijing Daily reporter expressed the same view. "Jiaduobao the supply of goods does not appear interrupted, the operation of enterprises and our terminal operation in all normal." Zhang Huajin and the other factors aside, the jiaduobao policy more preferential than before, now is a good time to jiaduobao agent. "Jiaduobao policy changes, dealers on behalf of much less than before, on behalf of part with the goods can take back." Zhang Hua said on behalf of the mat, popular understanding is the dealer to pay for the cost of the manufacturers, including the cost of marketing expenses, such as promotional fees, temporary promoters wages, small ads, activities, etc.. In the FMCG industry, the cost of cushion is usually presented in the form of goods. "We need 100 boxes of 40 generation products to the lower box pad after the dealer, in order to jiaduobao reimbursement, now this on behalf of advance in play money can come back with the goods, which will undoubtedly reduce our great financial pressure." For Zhang Hua, to disclose the information, unnamed industry analysts told the Beijing Daily reporter: dealers can also reflect the policy is to retain the JDB dealer mood, after all dealers in the end, pressure) is not.相关的主题文章: