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Jiangsu in September before the occurrence of major production accidents 22 companies were blacklisted yesterday morning, the Jiangsu Provincial Administration of work safety held a press conference to inform the province from September to 1 this year, the production safety situation. According to reports, 1 to September, the number of accidents and deaths compared with diameter decreased by 10.67% and 7.2% respectively, larger production safety accidents since 22, including Wuxi, Lianyungang, Zhenjiang, Yancheng four cities are not the larger production safety accidents. During the G20 summit, Mid Autumn Festival, the overall situation of the province’s overall production safety. Because of the existence of major safety problems, the two companies were included in the province of production safety blacklist. According to reports, from July 31st to the end of October, the province to carry out dangerous chemicals safety special rectification within the province, as of the end of September, the province’s 125 counties (city, District, zone) inspection of dangerous chemicals business unit 64690, found 47788 problems, included in the red list of 487 enterprises, enterprises included in the yellow table 1913, 8314 companies included in the blue table. The next step, the inclusion of the red list of enterprises, one policy formulation, to ban, close the relocation program, and the establishment of specialized organizations working group on the implementation; included in the yellow form of the enterprise, "a risk of a policy shall be punished according to law and rectification, the county (City, district) government. Supervise the handling of the enterprise; included in the blue form, the existence of hidden dangers and problems to rectification, the county (city, district) responsible for safety supervision of the departments of supervision, inspection of the enterprise as a mere formality to strict law enforcement inspection, strict punishment. Jiangsu bridge storage Co. Ltd. and Jinhu Jincheng packaging products factory, is included in the safe production of dishonesty blacklist. The Jiangsu bridge storage Co. Ltd. on the morning of April 22nd, due to a serious violation of the safety management of hot work requirements, resulting in a fire accident, the accident exposed the enterprise safety responsibility is not implemented, major hazard control and insufficient, special operations management and contractor management deficiencies, improper disposal of emergency and other outstanding issues. Jinhu Jincheng packing products factory occurred in a large accident in January 24th this year, after investigation, the company does not implement the system of safe production, management is not in place, production and operation management of the company is mainly responsible for the confusion, fails to effectively fulfill safety management responsibilities, the primary responsibility for the accident.相关的主题文章: