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Jiangsu has 30 colleges and universities independent innovation setting, distribution of human resources and social security department wages recently issued "implement the provincial government on accelerating the industrial technology innovation center and the construction of innovative province policy measures rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules"), formulated 30 specific initiatives, to the subject for the talent construction of decentralization, deregulation, is conducive to the introduction of talents and promote the institutional mechanism and system innovation and entrepreneurial talent. Research Institute of colleges and universities can be independently set up post, salary distribution of independent "rules" aimed at various administrative restrictions "Halter" talent development force, as a subject of decentralization deregulation". In scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, will explore the establishment of the Council management system; deepen the reform of personnel system, fully protect and implement the human body position setting autonomy; the support of independent open recruitment of high level talents and innovative achievements of scientific research personnel; allow the establishment of the independent flow of jobs, attract part-time. Adhere to the value of value". The "rules" to allow scientific research institutes, colleges and universities in the total amount of post performance salary, performance salary is not affected by the proportion of restrictions, completely independent of the internal distribution, realize the wage distribution further tilted to the front-line researchers; the use of fiscal funds in the establishment of scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning, the invention achievement transfer proceeds for reward R & D team to increase the proportion of not less than 50%; encourage the exploration of a variety of modes of distribution, in addition to the business unit performance salary wages, wages and other project implementation agreement, the implementation of scientific research personnel and part-time salary management policies, support the use of human subjects to attract and retain talents. Clean up to reduce occupation qualification to reduce business threshold to remove obstacles to innovation and entrepreneurship, optimize talent development environment, the "rules" to reduce the system cost and enterprise innovation and entrepreneurial talent. The establishment of government personnel management services and responsibilities of the two list, clean up and standardize the public service matters, simplify the work flow and procedures, the abolition of the collection of personnel relations and file storage fees. The establishment of occupation qualification list management system, increase the illegal occupation qualification and training of clean up efforts to deal with illegal enterprises, reducing access class occupation qualification and cleaning strict management, reduce the threshold of entrepreneurial talent. Expand the Research Institute for higher education, professional and technical personnel undergo entrepreneurship policy, allowing its subordinate departments and institutions engaged in scientific research leaders approved by the science and technology personnel participate in innovation activities, and enjoy the corresponding treatment policy. Increase the development of foreign intellectual resources, build an international competitive talent introduction system, innovation and improve the talent introduction policy system. Integration of foreign experts to work permit and entry permit for foreigners to enter China, one of the foreign experts to achieve a yard, reduce duplication of approval. Actively strive for foreign students to leave directly after graduation employment pilot. Research and development in line with the characteristics of the province’s foreign talent identification standards and employment practices, to promote foreign talent permanent residence policy and effective convergence of social security. To set up the city, large scale scientific research institutes gradually delegated the title of the right to improve the evaluation of the classification of talent evaluation system construction, so that talent evaluation return to origin,.相关的主题文章: