Joyce Cheng admit love kneeling down to beg composite refused to give dignity

Joyce Cheng admit to love give dignity kneeling down to beg complex rejected Joyce Cheng according to Hongkong "Oriental Daily" reported that the 29 year old "star two generation" Joyce Cheng has had several love experience, in the night before the debut concert in exposing once put down the dignity, beg love don’t go but failed! Outside attracted Joyce’s song for There were many discussions. That is about two years ago, a master hardly wished to live. experience, is also ready! To appease the guest Joey Yung Joyce, at the two men are men’s eyes only anti supercilious woman, Taiwan is a piece of laughter. Joyce Cheng (Joyce) the nine exhibition held a fake two concerts, the head field had on the 21 day concert, but because of the typhoon to the concert last night. The embodiment of black female soldiers wearing masks, Xinyi crystal to hold high the "Joyce" flag debut, "dance sing heat up is knowledge" opened the concert prelude, the atmosphere rushed sizzling. Joyce night for six different shapes, the audience has been open for burst into tears: "for six years the singer can finally turn debut concert is really good fun! I’m in a mess now, forget what I thought before." About two years ago a love song sings "no surface scar", Joyce who exposes the former boyfriend put down the dignity, beg each other not to leave her, she choked said: "we don’t think I was so strong? I used to kneel down and tell him not to go, I put my dignity down, and eventually he left! My whole life you stupid, do not have their own mirror, do not recognize their own, can not estimate to the point of collapse! So this moment is not happy to give vent to negative emotions, what is the problem? We start with the first song, and now it’s the end of a song." Check the Xinyi romance, high school had two Puppy Love, and after joining the foreign boyfriend Mark Ryan love five years later with the Korean model Cui Haojin (Jin) scandal. Two years ago, she and the tattoo tide exposure photographer boyfriend Silas Lee honey love, once praised boyfriend does not mind her fat, but until last year broke up. Joyce talked about "no earlier song" that is the surface scars experience a feeling about her two years ago, after a long struggle, for the first time when recording more recorded to kneel collapse mourning shout, also described the song as a result. Because of love and the time of anastomosis time and Silas Lee Xinyi disclosure, estimated refers to "boyfriend beg" is Silas Lee the biggest suspect.相关的主题文章: