Kija follow alphago upset out feeling not just learning tactics-dachiyouxiang

Kija follow AlphaGo upset out feeling: not just learn new focus of the war kija defeat Huang Yunsong in the twelfth open cup yesterday in the China Weifu real chess decided 8 strong. The defending champion kija negative Huang Yunsong, smile can not learn new tactics. While a few Tan Xiao, almost win. After the battle of Huang Yunsong, kija roughly 7 wins and 2 losses, including a month before the agon cup semi-final. The Bureau of kija resorted to the layout of AlphaGo, is not directly off the block point after first kakari. After the replay, kija smile the layout of their own defeat, tactics can not learn ah sigh. Tan Xiao and Wang Xi rare in recent years before, the previous record is roughly 2 negative after 4 wins. The two sides fight to the last two invariably cited onlookers, wrong orders, thought it was white and a half Sheng Wang xi. After the single officer Tan Xiao and opponents have been identified, depressed collection pieces, "it is not chess players onlookers rang you win half?" Phrase dreamer awoke, Tan Xiao rushed back into pieces, and Wang Xi repeatedly point and point, and asked to judge the situation webcast, black disk 8 wins and a half to confirm. Weifu room Open Cup round of 8 and moved to Wuxi in October 18th, Tan Xiao will face Huang Yunsong, Yang Dingxin against Jiang Weijie, Tong Mengcheng against Tao Mi Yu Ting against pleasure, xieerhao.相关的主题文章: