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Arts-and-Entertainment Other than the innumerable milestones that they achieved like nine of their tracks reaching the Top 40 singles in United Kingdom, winning 2 BRIT Awards and their 3rd album Because of the Times even reaching the number 1 position, they also have a full length documentary made on them called Talihina Sky. This documentary directed by Stephen C. Mitchell shows the journey of this world famous band from scratch which is a real treat to the eyes for their fans and even their non- fans. This documentary is named after one of their early songs. This documentary gives an insight to the bands strict upbringing in the Pentecostal way in the southern states of US. It shows many of the family reunion that they have annually in Talihina of Oklahoma. During these reunions the boys are seen unwinding with a swim in the creek or having beer and even horse shoe throwing. The fans are surprised by the candid information that the boys reveal about their growing up years. Their struggling childhood days when they hardly had two pants to wear and also the importance of religion taught to them in their early years are very engaging to watch. The brothers were not allowed to watch TV at that time. There are footage and photographs of the childhood days of these boys growing up years and also some information revealed by people who know them well. Even their experiments days with booze and women are mentioned in the film. Throughout the video you can see that that their supportive, humorous and colorful family is their reason for their newly achieved success. Clearly their whole family seems very proud of the boys. There are moments that the band discusses drugs, dollar bills, politics and alcohol abuse. Even after the break up of Caleb, Nathan and Jareds parents the family seems visibly very close and it is their emotional stories that actually captivate the viewers. In this documentary is seen stripping down from their superstars egos and showing the other side of their personality too. We can see Caleb get a dressing down from his brother Nathan and Nathan voicing is unhappiness about how his bass drums sound. This brutally honest and open story of the band has surely endeared many of its fans. Anthony Caleb Followill is the lead vocalist and also the rhythm guitarist. Michael Jared Followill is the backing vocalist and also the lead guitarist. Ivan Nathan Followill takes care of drums and percussion and also backing vocals whereas Cameron Matthew Followill is the lead guitarist and gives backing vocals. If you wish to watch them perform get hold of King of Leon Tickets and see these boys rock n roll live. For more information visit: King of Leon tickets 相关的主题文章: