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Gobel want to lock the world first – Sports – people.com.cn original title: Gobel in the net in the net to lock the world a year ago, Serena Williams’s position seems to still can not shake, a year ago, Gobel is still struggling to shock. Now Gobel has become the world’s first. Out of season China Serena Williams, Sharapova et al in the case, Gobel has become the biggest box office. As the world’s first, Gobel needs to complete a small target in the net, it is locked in advance of the world’s first year-end. Taiwan as well as a new column first in the world, Gobel in Wuhan to enjoy the privileges. When the first round against May Radanovic, the event organizers to send a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the world’s first symbol of Gobel. This is the second season China ushered in the new world first player, Caroline Wozniacki 6 years ago in the network during the world’s first summit. Unfortunately, this column can not be in the Wuhan tennis open until the last. In the Wu net 16 season, two time Wimbledon champion Covey Tova Korbel and alongside the 3 hours and 20 minutes. The first game, Gobel grabbed seven in 12 to 10 victory over Covey Tova, but was subsequently completed more than 7 to 5, reversing the 6 to 4. After the defeat of Gobel in the U.S. is also crowned world first lost the first ball, Gobel had also on the 3 winning streak to keep Covey Tova’s death. "It’s always difficult to play against the left hand." The game Gobel saved 6 match points, but still unable to recover. The world is not good when Gobel understood, since the climb to the top of the world, she is now a target for all. In the beginning of this year, after winning the Australian Open, Gobel was unable to adapt to the Grand Slam champion of this new identity, achievement in ups and downs. The title of the world’s first, is another test. "Every player wants to beat me now, so I’m going to try to get out of it and not think about it." Gobel said, as before, and strive to beat every opponent, like I did a few months ago and in the previous game, is very effective." Say to say, do do. After winning the US Open, Gobel counter ultra Serena top seat, the first tournament in Wuhan open she is after the summit, she certainly wants to play a good game. Now Wu network has become the past, Gobel said her next goal is to lock the year-end world first. Now it seems, hard, not difficult. From the game, Gobel has reached a new level, but the mentality, Gobel still needs to regain peace. When I got back to my hometown, a lot of people and a lot of things came to me." A brief rest returned to Germany after the U.S. "different Korbel, beginning with the Australian Open, I already know what will happen, dealing with more experience." At the end of the first to lock the Wu net stop sixteen in the net, Gobel next stop will be Beijing’s China open. This season, Gobel has a goal, is to lock the year-end world first. From the top view points, this goal is not difficult, Serena announced a week ago due to injury from Wu net and the net, surrendering the first year-end contention. Currently)相关的主题文章: