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Large scale market strong push and received 3000 yuan deposit that the Department of the Ministry of Commerce led the original title: strong push big market scale and many businesses complain Chinese daily news (reporter Qing Rongbo) the large scale can not do? Xi’an new North City Vegetable and non-staple food wholesale market are given the answer is: No, must accept. Looking at the market in each booth placed in front of a new large scale, these two days, Xi’an new North vegetables non-staple food wholesale market of agricultural department business this somewhat depressed and helpless, "the large scales are not used, why the market must give us?" A merchant said, a few days ago, the market for their department and agriculture hall more than and 60 merchants booth unified put large scale, 9, markets are forced to ask for 3000 yuan of money, that is the deposit, also opened a special market receipts. Merchants do not want this scale, but was rejected, there are businesses want to pay 3000 yuan deposit, but the market came to a dozen men, if not, then do not let the market for normal trading." Yesterday morning, the China Daily reporter visited the market of agricultural hall, merchants feel particularly aggrieved. Although this is the wholesale market, but some businesses every day admission is more retail businesses, a few pounds, a lot of ten pounds, the market scale is called the weight of 1 kg to 300 kg, also need external power supply, traders think basically. China Daily reporter saw the market to distribute the scales are placed next to each booth, did not really put into use. Yesterday, the Xi’an new North City Vegetable and non-staple food wholesale market a staff said that this scale is required to promote the use of the Bureau of Commerce, the market for the 67 scales, some businesses do not want to use, we have to force promotion." The staff said that this scale can be traced back to the system, and the Commerce Bureau of the system is connected, the amount of transactions and trading volume will be timely feedback to the system. The scale of the cost is 10 thousand yuan, businesses only need to pay a deposit of $3000, there will be quality problems, direct contact with the manufacturers repair. When the back stalls, you can go directly to the money market." Staff admitted that some of the retail business more, this scale is not practical, but the Commerce Bureau requires the promotion of the market can not do. For this, last night, the staff of the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that food safety concerns everyone, the circulation meat traceability system is to solve the problem of food safety is an important means of effective measures to maintain the market even bargain, in the country under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, the project has been in the more than and 70 national city promotion. To solve the source of goods quality information chain complete problems in the wholesale market, is mainly realized by standard scale to wholesalers configuration unified specifications, for those who rely on years of unjust enrichment Duanjinshaoliang for unscrupulous traders is difficult to adapt to the nature. The staff member said: there is no understanding of the business situation, and may not be in place prior to publicity, the Commerce Bureau will strengthen the work in this area, but also hope that businesses can support cooperation". Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: