Last year’s Premier League MVP was too rough for him to be a natural

Views: last year’s premier MVP is Mongolia he is too rough is not natural killer Erwin talking about the sina sports news last year grassroots create a great sensation in front of God Vardi, this season began this season he was silent, the UEFA Champions League, Premier League Cup, a total of 15 appearances, only scored 2 goals — and his yellow card number, this England legend Erwin, in the BT sports commentary when it said that last year, Vardi was able to kill the Quartet is due to good luck. Last season, Vardi scored 24 goals in the 36 appearance, sent a second aid, as one of the stars in Leicester, led the blue fox to create the myth of winning the game. He was also selected as the Premier League player of the 15-16 season, and was elected as the best player of the season for the England football association. Erwin said: "even if he can get a lot of balls, his killer instinct can not convince me. Look at Alan Hiller – that kind of cruelty and control, he and Vardi are completely different players." Vardi scored by luck? Erwin also Nae zirl analogy: "look at the goal in the Champions League, Mesut Ozil scored the kind of calm, kind of calm, kind and lightsome feeling, and that his brother Brown striker is also different." "Waldi did his running for the team to make a contribution, but he can only be in the team in scoring system. He is the kind of player who can score goals very close to the door. He is not a precise, classic killer. He always plays down his head – to be a striker, you have to rely on luck. He did last season, he’s gone this season. You have to admit that, like him, a force based, do not pay attention to accurate striker, can not really look at the goal to give face to god." (Zi Quan)相关的主题文章: