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Li Qinglong: for World Cup wins Chinese home court secret South Korean Sohu   sports strong reason; Li Qinglong holding a small fox Q: photo of the South Korean team finals and China alive preliminaries team meet, how much do you know about Chinese national team? A: I’ve played against the Chinese team three times and I know how much they can make. I’m looking forward to playing with them again, and it’s important for us because we’re going to play at home and it’s a must win game. Q: South Korea has 8 times in the World Cup finals, but the Chinese team scored only once in 2002. Why South Korea is so dominant in Asian football? A: I don’t know why, but we’ve improved a lot since the 2002 World cup. I think a lot of young people in Asia are now willing to participate in football, which is why the level has been improving. Q: in the Asian Football Super is attracting many like Ramirez and Pele as big players. Many South Korean players also play in the super. Are you concerned about the league? A: I have a lot of players in the Korean national team in the super effect, so I understand the super. It is constantly developing, they spend a lot of money to introduce a large number of foreign aid, the quality of the league is gradually improving. I think Chinese football is becoming more and more powerful! What are the goals of the Q: crystal Miyamoto season? A: hope to do better than last season, last season we were a bit cop-out, the beginning of the season well, but the second half is not too good. We have to stay strong throughout the season. After the end of last season the team changed a lot, some players leave, along with new players, so we must ensure that the team can have good organization. Q: you made the FA Cup final last season. Do you value this season’s cup, or will you concentrate on the Premier League? A: I think it’s important for both of us. But the League will be more important and hopefully we will be in the FA Cup again. Q: what are your personal goals? A: I want to get more chances than last season. I also want to be able to help the team win more games, get more goals and assists.相关的主题文章: