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Lien Chan and Barcelona Atletico Madrid less she can do it? She injured sports reporter Zhou Jiahua reported on Modric + after the injury, thought that the Real Madrid midfielder attrition situation will be improved. However, she had no signs of injury, but let the Paibingbuzhen Zidane become stretched up. From the beginning of the season, Zidane will pursue a policy of rotation, in order to fully respond to the physical needs of the four line operations. Before the League 4 round, cross only 2 games played. But as Casey Milo and Modri have been injured, Zidane in midfield defensive only one can rely on the cross. In the case of no one can change, the German attendance has been high. Real Madrid in the last 11 games, cross all played the full 90 minutes, which also includes a Leon style of the king’s cup. In the heavy and frequent task, cross body finally lit a red light. After the game against Eli Gane J, the Germans accepted the club’s inspection. Once diagnosed, the right foot fracture of the fifth metatarsal base. According to "Marca" newspaper revealed that she will be out for 2 to 3 months, and the recovery of specific period, depending on whether the surgery. That is to say, she can be an early goodbye to 2016. Beijing time on November 20th and in December 3rd, Real Madrid will be one after another against Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, then, the Germans will be missed. It’s a huge loss for real madrid. At present, Casey Milo’s recovery is not very satisfactory, optimistic estimates, the Brazilian also need 2 weeks to return. At the end of the international game, Real Madrid have to go to Calderon Stadium against atletico. As everyone knows, Simonyi is very good at team work and physical contact, in the past few years in the contest, no sheets Legion any advantage over real madrid. If the two team style of the most tough midfielder also sidelined, the Zidane team may be fraught with grim possibilities. Please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP相关的主题文章: