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Liza! Genius girl afflicting the new season is about to set sail Yiniezhaweita – Tucker Tamishewa Name: Elizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVA Chinese: Yiniezhaweita – Tucker Tamishewa birthday: December 17, 1996: Russian nationality nickname: ET Liza, the main results: 2015 World Championships 2015 European Championship 2014 Grand Prix Final Champion 2012 Youth Olympic champion. She was born in Russia had a galaxy of talents, talent the girl’s brilliant, experienced the development period of low, had difficulty brighten, once almost what can’t jump…… She was also the age of 20, but it is full of behavior between the colors of the wind. She is not tall, but not small, round apple face and slightly plump figure slide selection in some conspicuous in the hands slightly thin women’s single, and she seems to be happy on took the opportunity to play a "sexy" for their own label: every act and every move are full of temptation breath, charming, without affectation. She is I Nezavita Tucker Tamishewa, people familiar with her habit of calling her nickname Liza, while fans between her and a more well known as ET –. The first genius girl teacher Liza genius of the road started very early, as Russia’s first Lolita genius began to learn skating, she was five years old in 06 years has been brought out a legendary figure skating star Plushenko famous coach Alexei Mishin phase. But Guerra Geoff, who was in Liza, was unable to leave her home for the time being: her family could not afford to move to a big city. So she can only choose a compromise is extremely troublesome way: every two weeks to St Petersburg to accept the guidance of the mission, living in the dormitory. Small Liza and coach Mishin test everyone’s eyes, guess which is Liza? "The size of the devil" dominate the youth group at the age of 13, second in the adult Russian National Championships Liza won the championship for the first time, instantly jump smart performance style and high stability has attracted the attention of skating, she even has the ability to complete the Axel three weeks jump. At the time of the youth group of the international arena, Liza and compatriot A Drinar Sauter Nico Va called "the size of the devil", the two alternate youth group various international competitions won the gold medal, and it is from their beginning, Russia officially opened the women’s singles Lolita when genius generation: a large number of output, stable against the difficulty group first, the international arena will be amazed of beautiful girls in the world bingtan. 2010 held in Beijing Grand Prix finals, the young women’s singles arena, red girl China captured a large number of fans had swept the young group "size devil" ET and AS encounter development, however no margin of Sochi known as the genius of the girls, but they are no one outside the experience of Russia the second kind of "specialty development" — an insurmountable off. Their "shelf life"相关的主题文章: