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Long live single? The female older unmarried or more susceptible to gynecological disease — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: single long live? Unmarried women or more likely to suffer from gynecological diseases in recent years, more and more older unmarried women suffer from social and family pressure, everyone seems to have forced women to marry as soon as possible. Of course, whether the marriage is a personal choice, even if older unmarried also did not say what is "3S lady". But women enjoy the single time also need to know, unmarried or will increase your chances of suffering from gynecological disease. Each ovulation and repair process of ovarian cancer can cause damage to the epithelial cells of the ovary, which may lead to the formation of epithelial ovarian cancer. While women in the production process of pregnancy, the ovaries stop ovulation, the ovary can be a temporary rest and maintenance, damage reduction, but also reduces the chance of cancer. Therefore, the incidence of ovarian tumors was higher than that of fertile women. In addition, germ cell tumors are more common in young women before the age of 20, single or childless women with high incidence of ovarian cancer. Breast cancer is more likely to develop breast cancer compared to women of childbearing age. Because breastfeeding can help female breast full development, it can help breast tube, to reduce the risk of breast cancer, "3S lady" no experienced this process, therefore experienced breastfeeding women more susceptible to breast cancer. Research shows that unmarried, early age at menarche, late menopause, menstrual cycle is short, less parity or non lactating women, breast cancer risk. Vaginal disuse atrophy of sexual life is easy to lead to female vaginal disuse atrophy". "3S lady" and the law of the lack of normal sexual life, endocrine easily disorder, after menopause can also cause vaginal disuse atrophy, reduce secretions, drop resistance, eventually cause inflammation of genitourinary system. (Wang Yawei, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: