Low degree of education, poor ability, no contacts how to enter the big company denka

Low education, poor ability, no connections to a big company in low or no elite halo, self perception ability are not prominent, for those of us ordinary people, large companies really far fetched? And be not so。 A lot of jobs, need is the most appropriate, rather than the "best" employees sometimes have to ‘under the concept of HR is not entirely representative of the candidate for the needs of the department. At the beginning of the year, our department is a marketing assistant class, position, and a new HR not what experience, selected all the graduates resume, not easy to recruit a boy, an old employee brought him one day, he finished the first day of classes will not come and completely not contact…… We don’t charge directly to HR please post this interview to the elite, then finally got a just graduated from a normal two little sister, steadfast, diligent, good character, good attitude, won the public favor, we are very willing to teach her, she is also quite good, fast progress. Suggestion: carefully study the JD, don’t be deterred by the "985211 schools first" words like the (perhaps just HR out of bluffing), not as long as you can do consciously improperly belittle oneself, described responsibilities bold to resume! Two, Quxianjiuguo: within the recommended in some position in a large company, hanging out in the recruitment website is not the real demand is likely to be the recruitment website free space, even recruit people but still hang in there when the right brand advertising, so that your resume will not be too disappointed after no echo the existing staff recommended; can make you more targeted to apply real recruitment positions. Recommendation: if you really want to go to large companies, do not think they are not enough to mention the grid, or other people will not think of the opportunity to push you ah! Be good at getting information and making good use of the resources provided by others. Three, the curve save the nation: labor dispatch some people may not understand the dispatch and conflict, in fact, this kind of talent outsourcing is still very common. For businesses, can reduce labor costs, avoid the risk of employment, according to the business needs to flexibly; for candidates, in this way the threshold to a low point, although the salary and welfare maybe with regular employees there is a gap, but endure one or two years during, or pay attention to internal positive places, or gradually after the jump to other better Feng enterprise. Recommendation: some companies specifically for 500 companies to provide outsourcing services, such as FESCO Adecco and so on, the recruitment website often have their release of information, interested can pay more attention to. Four, Quxianjiuguo: trainee from our company every season will please many interns, the work is very simple, nothing more than a copy of scanning and sorting out the data such as hiring, is only one or two days a week full-time! It is such a monotonous repetition of the work, our department in recent years has been excavated from the 2 reserve talents, graduated from a formal staff. That practice not only for extra money or credit, observe, active, your efforts of many older workers have a look in the eyes, immediately wanted to headcount!相关的主题文章: