Luxinshe on cost reduction and environmental special action instructions drop dead diva

Luxinshe on cost reduction and environmental special action made in November 8th, the provincial Party Secretary Lu Xinshe drop cost advantages of environmental special action instructions. Luxinshe affirmed the achievements since the implementation of the special action. He pointed out that the special environment to reduce the cost of special operations carried out, the province’s various departments carefully organized and implemented to increase efforts to help, and achieved remarkable results, enterprises generally benefit. Luxinshe requirements, the whole province to further promote the supply side structural reforms, the special action of grasping thin realistically, efforts in the accurate and in-depth efforts to persevere to help enterprises solve problems, expand the market, increase efficiency, restructuring plan, promote the healthy and stable development of the economy of our province. Since May this year, the province’s environmental cost reduction and special action since the start, Lu Xinshe, Liu Qi and other provincial leaders set an example, provincial cities and counties in three a total of more than 4900 leading cadres, 13 thousand liaison officers into the park, into the enterprise, preach policies and solve problems, to achieve the provincial cities and counties three leading full coverage, full coverage of the industrial park the regulation of enterprises full coverage. At the end of October, the province’s total enterprise demands 21028, has solved 16321, completion rate of 77.62%. Among them, the special action office focused assigned eight batches of 1173, has solved 921, completion rate of 78.5%. All localities and departments a total of 47 billion 200 million yuan burden for enterprises. Cost reduction and environmental special action reflects the characteristics of Jiangxi, received wide acclaim from the entrepreneurs, promote enterprise production costs continue to decline, continued to improve, the market confidence increased significantly, optimize the development environment, add new impetus for the development of the province, stimulate new vitality. In this good foundation, our province will further expand and deepen the cost reduction and environmental special action, intends to launch second new initiatives, complement each other, and the introduction of the original 80 policies complement each other, make cost reduction and environmental measures, more powerful, more complete policy system, a good momentum of boosting the Province’s economy will continue to remain steady progress, stability and improving quality, stable and good. (reporter Liu Yong)相关的主题文章: