Media Rochette confiscated the bonus Disasters pile up on one another. therefore fear

Media: Rochette confiscated "bonus" and therefore fear Disasters pile up on one another. "retired Rochette may well be Disasters pile up on one another." retired newspaper news (reporter Liu Ailin) according to the The Associated Press and Broadcasting British Corporation and other authoritative media reports yesterday, during the Olympic Games in Rio to Brazil police Baojia American swimmer, Olympic champion Rochette was the United States swimming for 10 months, and forfeiture of the Rio Olympic Games a $100 thousand bonus. "Rochette is very likely to Disasters pile up on one another." retired. The American swimming association to make punishment: before June 2017, ban Lochte participate in all swimming events, and the confiscation of their prizes at the Rio Olympics, a total of $100 thousand. In addition, Rochette also will be from the U.S. Olympic Swimming Association or the United States to get monthly training grants, not to the United States Olympic Training Center for training, can not participate in the Olympic team in the Olympic Games after the White House, in addition to doing 20 hours of community service.相关的主题文章: