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Mikkelsen for the former captain of the speech to apologize: I was completely wrong, said he attacked Sutton (right) is not the intention of sina sports news Beijing time on September 30th news on. In 2004 attacked the American Ryder Cup captain Hal Sutton (Hal Sutton) after only one day, Phil – Mikkelsen (Phil Mickelson) has apologised for his rude remarks. Accept the Golf Channel Oprah Tim – Rocha Ford (Tim Rosaforte) in an interview, Mikkelsen said he was "totally wrong", but also about the captain can influence the game as an "extreme example of inappropriate". At a news conference on Wednesday, Mikkelsen said two days before the 2004 Ryder Cup race he learned to play with tiger Woods, and was captain Sutton in a losing position. He and Woods on the first day of the match after 0 wins and 2 negative results, then the U.S. team in that year the Ryder Cup has experienced unprecedented defeat. Related reading: a former captain of the Ryder Cup to fire: let me lose the tiger and blind paired Sutton Wednesday at Hazeltine Minneapolis golf club participated in the Ryder Cup captain challenge, he responded that Mikkelsen needs to ask. Related reading: Mikkelsen accused the former captain retorted: you and Woods to defeat on Wednesday night, Mikkelsen told Ford Rosa, his speech is very bad, it looks like a private attack, but he didn’t mean. "I talked to Sutton." Mikkelsen said. "I feel bad. It wasn’t meant to be. I just want to use an example to illustrate how the captain can influence the team. Unfortunately, self defeating." The United States team captain Davies – Ralph III told Rosa Ford, he also tried to contact Sutton. "Tiger, Phil, and I have been looking for Sutton after dinner." Ralph Sans said. "He was very upset, and he had already gone to bed. But he said back this morning that a captain’s job was to put out the fire. You guys are the best. Go ahead and beat the European team." According to the Golf Channel reporter Todd – (Todd Lewis) twitter revealed that, and Sutton had met, but also to talk to the other side of the world, said. "Phil and I have no problem. He can communicate honestly." Lewis quoted Sutton’s statement. Sutton and other former captain who was invited to the team room, showing the U.S. team unity. "I was totally wrong." Mikkelsen said. "I shouldn’t have said that. I give an extreme example of how decisions affect the game. I shouldn’t have done that, because it affected hal." This is not the first time Mikkelsen attacked the Ryder Cup captain. Two years ago, he was lost in the press conference after the U.S. team captain Tom Watson when he was questioned on the spot (Tom Watson) command. (Colleen)相关的主题文章: