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Sports-and-Recreation Recreational Vehicles or RVs are great cars to use for your weekend vacation and business trips. There are a lot of RV types that you can choose from. Recreational vehicle (often referred as RV) is an enclosed equipment with dual purposes. First it functions as a regular moving vehicle, and second as a temporary home. Some people call this as a motor home or a motor caravan. A recreational vehicle is intended for almost every use, to travel to different places yet still feel like being at home. RVs can be rented in many cities. People who opt for an RV versus a car when traveling rave about the .plete amenities inside of an ordinary house. Its a great innovation thats in demand nowadays. A look-see inside an RV: Beds where you can take a rest or nap A multi-functional table Fully-equipped kitchen Larger models of RVs have additional features like: Bathrooms Refrigerators Living areas Masters bedrooms Recreational vehicles are sometimes used as mobile-on-the-go. These RVs have special features like satellite TV and Internet access, slide-out sections and awnings. You just have an extra table and other needed equipments needed to be used in typical offices. Some have a small storing area for an ordinary car. An RV typically has sufficient supply of electricity and generator.. Other RVs are used just to tow small cars. Types of RVs: Class A motor home constructed with different kinds of chassis. Be it a .mercial truck, a specially-designed motor vehicle or a .mercial bus chassis. Bus conversion highly-customized with luxury .ponents; typically the largest motor vehicle available. Class B Campervan like a conventional van with raised roof added or the back has been replaced by low body profile. Class C motor home built on truck chassis with an attached cab section. It has a cab-over profile called mini-home motor. Truck Camper favored by hunters and other back wood travelers. Folding Trailer this is also known as tent camper, collapse for towing and storage. Travel Trailer a unit with rigid side which is designed to be towed Teardrop Trailer is a lightweight travel trailer, sometimes towed by a motorcycle Hybrid Trailer .bination of a travel trailer and a folding (tent) trailer Fifth-wheel Trailer towed by a pick- up or a medium duty truck Park Model is a standard traveler trailer but is not self-contained; designed for park camping only and not for dry camping. It has hot water storage tanks and must be used with hook ups. Toterhome for pulling of large and heavy trailers Toy hauler designed to be part living space and part garage. Renting RVs are expensive, and is not a better alternative to hotels or inns. But try it at least once in your life for the experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: