Music or buy Amazon China Amazon response rumors stop in the wise

Transfer or purchase China LETV Amazon Amazon responded: the rumors stop wise Wen Li Siyi Xu Wenmiao September 18th, a media news release, LETV announced the acquisition of Chinese or Amazon in September 19th. Amazon China denied the statement to Tencent finance. Today morning, LETV ecological O2O sales platform in micro-blog CEO Zhang Zhiwei said, this year 919, is not only a fan of Carnival electricity supplier Festival, is one of the electricity supplier industry reshuffle. September 19th, music as the launch of "919 fans Carnival" promotional activities. The media said, Zhang Zhiwei said in a blog post "a China enough to rewrite the electricity supplier industry event will be announced, LETV announced acquisition of the Amazon is probably China. In response to this, Tencent finance to Amazon China verification. Amazon’s China Public Relations Department replied: "no response, rumors stop to the wise." Amazon’s second quarter earnings forecast for July 29th showed that Amazon’s profit was $857 million in the second quarter, achieving fifth consecutive quarterly profits. Earnings did not disclose the specific revenue situation in the Chinese market. According to public data, Amazon China August, Amazon China cross-border direct mail total orders exceeded 10 million, nearly 4 times in the first half of 2016 Amazon overseas purchase sales also reached the same period last year. Amazon’s vice president and President of Amazon China Zhang Wenyi said in public, "China consumers to buy overseas goods direct mail Amazon site cross-border total orders exceeded 10 million, Amazon is an important milepost Chinese this strategic vision." As of press time, the music public relations department did not reply to Tencent finance request for comment. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

传乐视或购亚马逊中国 亚马逊回应:谣言止于智者文 李思谊 许文苗9月18日,有自媒体发布消息称,乐视或将在9月19日宣布收购亚马逊中国。亚马逊中国向腾讯财经否认了该说法。今日上午,乐视生态O2O销售平台总裁张志伟在微博上称,今年919,不仅仅是一个乐迷狂欢的电商节,更是一次电商行业的洗牌。9月19日,乐视将推出“919乐迷狂欢节”的促销活动。上述自媒体称,张志伟在博文中所称的“一件足以改写中国电商行业的大事将被宣布”,乐视公布的消息或许是收购亚马逊中国。针对此事,腾讯财经向亚马逊中国求证。亚马逊中国公关部回复称:“没有回应,谣言止于智者。”亚马逊7月29日发布的第二季度财报显示,第二季度亚马逊利润为8.57亿美元,实现了连续第5个季度盈利。财报中并未公布中国市场的具体营收情况。根据亚马逊中国的公开数据,8月份,亚马逊中国跨境直邮订单总量突破1000万单,2016年上半年亚马逊“海外购”销售总额也达到去年同期的近4倍。亚马逊全球副总裁暨亚马逊中国总裁张文翊在公开场合表示,“中国消费者购买亚马逊海外站点商品的跨境直邮订单总量突破1000万单,是亚马逊中国这一战略愿景的重要里程碑。”截至发稿前,乐视公关部门并未回复腾讯财经的置评请求。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: