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Nancy Wu Chen Zhanpeng dark January two people in the same field not note Chen Zhanpeng was accused of the "ancient law" the pursuit of Nancy Wu Nancy Wu in the drama as a female bodyguard Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 30th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Chen Zhanpeng, Nancy Wu, Joel Chan and Bob Qijing yesterday (September 29th) in the city to attend the "alliance" TV drama we worship. A biography of Chen Zhanpeng and Nancy Wu have been dark pay a month, the man is also refers to the "ancient" pursuit of the woman, the sex scandal with the field immediately become the focus, but the two did not deliberately evasive, full of laughing and talking. Producer Wen Weihong also put two people came to ask Chen Zhanpeng what gossip, "ancient law" can be shared? Chen Zhanpeng embarrassed smiled and said: "ancient law? I only think of traditional Chinese medicine!" Chen Zhanpeng felt that the "ancient" pursuit that is very interesting, said with a smile that rumors at any time after the tie up. But he said to see Nancy Wu not embarrassed, because not true: "I have this experience, but happy," on behalf of the walled city of heroes "appeal to the continuation of the" alliance ", we all feel that we are a couple." For the sake of his love, shooting time and Nancy Wu to keep a distance? Chen Zhanpeng said: "we all know that I am strange, sometimes very lonely, but of course, and Nancy Wu is a good relationship between colleagues and friends. Can there be a couple of opportunities for development? To learn to know. But we have a tacit understanding." "We feel that we are a pair of" Chen Zhanpeng said "alliance" has started four or five days, there are a lot of action, and Nancy Wu also has many intimate scenes, he said: "that is a very intimate play to bury themselves in action, such as playing Judo. Can you be afraid to touch each other? I’m not afraid, everyone is a professional actor." Nancy Wu admitted that Nancy Wu liked acting as bodyguards to protect Chen Zhanpeng, two people talk about gossip, she smiled and asked what the "ancient" pursuit, he didn’t think Chen Zhanpeng to pursue their own, because two people love Sammi Cheng, not since the start to go to see the concert. But she admits as girls wanted people to chase, but girls are reserved. Ancient law pursuit can be useful? She smiled and said: "I don’t need to catch smallpox dragon, let it be." How does it feel like Chen Zhanpeng? She said that as a partner, have a good feeling to put on the other side. She also revealed that two people have a lot of body buried in the melee field in the drama, the play more than the last "city village", hoping to spark. Whether to wipe out the spark of love? She said with a smile: "drama inside! Chen Zhanpeng has a chance? Everyone has the opportunity, the most important thing is to see the fate. But now the first good filming, because of the interpretation of "Diao Lan" than the more difficult." Joel Chan langcainvmao praised Joel Chan is accused of match and her Zhanpeng "matchmaker", he felt funny, smile to two people with red matchmaker. Joel Chan believes that the "walled city of heroes" effect, so the two person sex scandal: "they are good friends, but I also want to add that if dating, I will congratulate them, two people are lining langcainvmao." He smiled and said he would help "heating up," because Chen Zhanpeng felt it was time to get some water. Look for them? He smiled and said, "everything is."相关的主题文章: