National foot good! The four players were suspended because of irregularities in the new

National foot good! The four players were banned for illegal – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on November 5th news (reporter Zhang Minghao) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, Beijing time yesterday, FIFA issued a penalty notice, in September 1st of the 12 season, Qatar National team there is a violation of moral behavior sports, making suspensions for four players of qatar. Therefore, the four players will not play the game with the Chinese team in November 15th, for the country is a great good news. FIFA official website shows, these four players suspended, all because of the conflict caused by competition in September 1st in Qatar and Iran. In September 1st Iran’s home court and Qatar team game, in the stoppage time, when Gu Channejad was in Tehran after the break, Azadi stadium immediately into chaos, assistant coach, team Iran’s former striker Neconan entered the stadium to celebrate and Qatar player of the provocation, eventually led to the conflict between the two sides after the game. Sri Lanka referee Parreira wrote a 4 page report describes in detail the clash. FIFA disciplinary committee after the study in this week to make a decision on punishment, there are excesses in the conflict, involving violations of sports moral behavior of the Qatar team defender Hassan was suspended for 3 games, a fine of 15000 Swiss francs and punishment; defender Abdulrahman suspended for 2 games and fined 7500 Swiss francs in the game with the Iran team; when did not play but involved in the conflict events striker Abdullah and midfielder Muff Tagg has been suspended for 2 games and fined. Qatar team was fined 30000 Swiss francs and received a warning punishment. The Iran team, coach Queiroz because there is a lack of respect for technical officials in a number of technical areas have also received a warning. Assistant coach Neconan because triggered the conflict, fined 25000 Swiss francs, suspended for 6 games, including 3 games "Probation" performed in December. Aziz Mongolia, Haji Safi was fined 5000 Swiss francs and suspended for 1 games. According to the provisions of FIFA, 4 players will be suspended from the beginning of the implementation in the next game, so these four players will not play the same game Chinese away in November 15th, this is sufficient to the country is a great good news, as the main defender of Hassan in the first three games are the starting lineup however, midfielder Abdulrahman is the first of all in the first four games, are the main force.相关的主题文章: