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[NBA] every day to buy players to see the data really play fans! Sohu sports rice God today fully robbed Cousins and Howard of the limelight, as the center of the quasi three double, what can he do? Griffin and Jordan both get two pairs (a little raozui) as expected. What about? The next time you don’t miss it, there are 9 games for you tomorrow"! Come and see how many players have to pick it up! Guard: curry and Lillard at the back of the line "the main course is tomorrow". The data from the current point of view, Lillard efficiency or higher returns, more objective. Jiao Zhixi because of Hayward’s injury, the jazz took on a heavier burden, the data return tends to leader level. Tomorrow, when faced with the first team to join the club spurs, I do not know what Hill will do. Guard: harden recently carry team’s performance earned him averaging two pairs of data, so small for tomorrow’s "James war" is more optimistic than Lebron harden. As a recent momentum, a young man, what is the outbreak at any time. Small forward: Leonard nearly two always have a single cut 16 points, the performance of the opponent’s team is difficult to limit his play tomorrow, there will be no obstacle to the growth of the data. Letters come in more stable returns, in the sweet zone 50~40 wandering. Big striker: Davies’s crazy data has not stopped, the last one is only a small underestimate, against the young bucks, Davies has plenty of opportunities. Capella’s cap plus let him become an outstanding player at the end. Andrew: cousins in a strong performance, the center position of the leading players in scoring and assists, but today the mood is limited, can not play a normal level, but his cousin is a cousin, there must be a different! Drummond Sun 16 performance and 1.7 steals plus, with envious people! Small Turner price is much lower, come in 30+ of the return is suitable to start. Today, the team recommended the attention of every day NBA official website: tiantian.nba, ready to get the latest information, participate in interactive. For "every day NBA" any suggestions, the following ways to contact us. The official QQ exchange group: 385444954; the official QQ exchange group: 211136047; in "speak freely every day NBA Baidu Post Bar". Join the camp every day NBA, just click on the bottom left corner of the article to read the original data to open the daily trip!相关的主题文章: