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Ningbo traffic police invented artifact so that an accident more than a year and a half of peace on the road there is a signal, the driver can pass in the past. Village Road intersection can generally only installed burst flashing lights, the driver of a little problem. How to solve this problem? As a result, Ningbo traffic police Du Zhenning invented a set of early warning system". In April this year, the State Intellectual Property Office awarded the system related invention patents. At the end of the month, it is also a finalist in the national public security organs of the Ministry of public security to carry out reform and innovation competition. Currently, the city of Ningbo has 25 traffic junctions installed this set of car warning system, the effect is significant. Early warning system of Ningbo traffic police present let the intersection of one and a half years no accident record this warning system is born? Du Zhenning is Ningbo Jiangbei Traffic Police Brigade police, usually interested in a variety of security facilities. In 2013, he found a small area installed a security system, there are outsiders to touch the appropriate induction device into the room, the alarm information will be sent to the property and the head of the phone. At that time, he thought, people can encounter equipment alarm, the car can not meet? So, Du Zhenning from his pocket, from the Internet to buy infrared emission, receiving device, LED screen, audio and other equipment, began his research. After two years of testing, testing and upgrading, only to come up with this alarm system. Of course, the development process is not smooth. In order to solve the problems such as signal conversion, Du Zhenning specifically went to the science and Technology Department, went to university, to consult experts; in order to make the system sound and flashing lights, he also specifically looking for relevant professional technology company. Last March, the "vehicle warning system" connecting line in Jiangbei two Hong Xing Cun Chen took office for the first time Guangzhuang intersection. Du Zhenning told reporters that this intersection was originally an accident prone, because traffic is small, the passing speed, but accident prone, after nearly two years, only the accident took place on 2, 1 fatalities. Since the installation of the early warning system, the intersection has not been a traffic accident. While other recently installed junctions, traffic safety has also been significantly improved. The effect is obvious warning does not require human the system next year will be the promotion of the city yesterday afternoon, the reporter in a village near the intersection of Jiangbei District North West Bridge Street office, saw the car to "early warning system". From the outside, the system is a less than one square meter of the LED display and the bottom of the box. Around 4 p.m., when a car approaching the warning area of about 100 meters, the original is dormant LED screen suddenly lit up, appeared "left to the car, Caution! Eight red characters, then flash explosion lights, with clear voice prompts. The car through the intersection, near distance and no other vehicles, LED display back to black standby, warning lights extinguished, the voice prompting device is no longer audible. Du Zhenning told reporters that this set of car early warning system is mainly composed of detection and warning device composed of two. The detection device is relatively small, were installed in the distance from the intersection 120 meters, 80 meters, 40 meters position; and warning device for LED display screen, flashing lights and.相关的主题文章: