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SEO Traditionally, resellers will pound the pavements and knock on doors looking for new clients. But not all resellers find the prospect of going out to make client calls appealing. If youre one of them, then youll be happy to learn that there are SEO Resellers who earn good money without needing to physically go out in search of clients. When I first heard of it, I found the concept of reselling solely online and actually making excellent money at the same time somewhat dubious. At the time, the idea of reselling SEO online seemed to me both implausible and ineffective: Implausible, because Resellers are hired for their ability to convey a business message personally. Ineffective, because it seemed to go against what I saw as an SEO Resellers real purpose–to function as an intermediary–to reach clients who cannot be reached through the capabilities of the Internet. I stumbled upon online SEO reselling purely by accident. A friend of mine had been engaged in online SEO reselling for about a year, but had not really spoken about it. It was only by chance that I glimpsed the contents of her laptop during one of our meetings and saw what she was engaged in. My curiosity piqued, I badgered her to tell me more about it. She said reselling SEO online was nothing new. In fact, it had been practiced in the industry for years, but most people were still doubtful about doing the business that way. Like me, many stuck to the traditional method of physically going out to present the service to business owners. My friend, on the other hand, was never hesitant to try online reselling because she hated going to the local stores to talk to people. She was intrinsically shy, and did not feel .fortable with the traditional way of doing things. Besides, she smilingly told me, she was too chic and elegant for traditional reselling; she was better suited to online reselling. What she did was simple: she set up her own web- and blog- sites and created separate Facebook and Twitter business accounts. She got herself a separate business mobile number and Skype account to use for her cold calls and business appointments. Her life revolved around these things: She used her blogs and websites to establish online presence; she kept clients in the loop by consistently updating her status through social .working sites such as Facebook and Twitter; and used Skype and her mobile phone to do product presentations whenever a prospective client showed interest in her SEO services. She rarely (if at all) needed to set up physical business meetings–in fact, her website and blog clearly state that she operates and is available purely online. If the need for a meeting should arise, she simply redirects her clients to her SEO provider, who takes care of everything for her. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: