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Oral: husband let me give a client hostess, I was robbing him unexpectedly blind public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! My husband and I were married for three years, we are very happy. But one of the things that happened recently made me wonder about his feelings for me. That’s the way it is. Last year, her husband was promoted to the head of the business department. The position rises, and the party is naturally more. Last month he had a lot of fun with his clients, so he called me and asked me to pick him up. When I saw him, the client asked me to have a couple of drinks with him. It was clear that my husband didn’t tell him my identity. Not shirk, I can only drink a few cups, it is not the last drink, he did not force me. He asked me for a phone call when he left. From time to time after that he would call me out to dinner, I am very tired of such a man, so tell these things to her husband. I did not expect him to help me not only refused to encourage me to go out with the man, saying that the company has a very important cooperation with him, I have a good relationship with him after the work is conducive to. I only had to go head leather. The first few times just dinner. Then he started to put your hands on me, my anger slapped him a slap in the face, then put back home. After listening to my husband not only did not comfort me, he actually blame me too impulsive, said I would do so he lost his job, etc.. Now we have been separated for more than half a month, I feel the feelings between us is not here, he can let me go with a strange man eating and drinking, can even allow each other out to me. I want him to use such a husband. Eleven Lang said: what you said is right, if a man does not protect his wife, instead of an effort to put her into the jaws of death, so do you have any reason with him? Your husband for his so-called work, even willing to sacrifice you, such a man can not be together again. He did not do a good job of the performance of the heart, but the heart, such a man to achieve their own purposes will be unscrupulous. You are his wife, but in his heart he is the same as the chips. If it is good for him to achieve his goal, he will not be afraid of anything else, even if it is done by another man. In a word, this man is not human. So I advise you to leave such a man. The source of the article (eleven Lang’s blog) more exciting content, please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: