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Outdoor adventure not half player careful travel is the hard truth data for a leisure trip, because does not take the unusual way, into a fright trip. On the evening of November 11th, 11 college students from Hunan did not climb the Jiangxi in accordance with the open route of the scenic spots in Wugong Mountain. 12 am, the sky began to rain, the trapped 11 college students call the alarm call. In November 12th, around 3 pm, composed of local police, Wugong Mountain Scenic Area Management Bureau staff, the local Blue Rescue Team volunteer rescue team, division into the mountain search and rescue, around 11 pm that night, the rescue team finally found that 11 of college students has been terribly fatigued. Yesterday afternoon, these college students successfully returned to Changsha. Out of doors, safety first. I think that these 11 college students rush to get lost, the basic sense of security is still there, but this awareness is not strong. They may take it for granted that mountaineering accidents will be far away from their own, or with their own ability to explore the field, survive in the wild. These signs are reflected in news reports. For example, they learned that only 2 hours away from the destination, hastily chose to continue to go on the road, but it was ignored at the time of the evening is more than 6, immediately to the dark. In the event of an accident, it may be necessary to spend the night in the wild, with only a few simple food and a pair of tents. For example, when they found the lost, know to call the innkeeper, 110 students, even the local rescue team for help, but in the rescue process, but cannot tell the exact location, also do not understand the innkeeper’s directions. It should be said that this is a reflection of the level of half. In the mountain before, have not done their homework, only a passion on the road, but the state has given its courage, did not think of how to estimate and risk aversion. Just like swimming, most of the accidents are those who can not. Because really know how to swim, not only physical strength, good technology, and know where the danger, to know the water before the warm-up, experiencing cramps to know how to deal with common sense; and will not swim swim, will take the initiative away from the surface of the water. A lot of adventure in the field has a certain degree of risk, but adventure is not equal to blind adventure. Baer · Greer J is a famous master of outdoor survival, has a wealth of experience and skills, but he is behind a set of security system in support. When they encounter their own can not overcome the difficulties, to help him out of danger in time. Master like this, as a novice to do more outdoor sports and prepare for it? In fact, many sports can not do without science, adequate preparation. I used to chat with a marathon runner who participated in the Changsha marathon. They have their own WeChat group, a unified uniforms have specialized equipment, daily training. These preparations allow them to enjoy the fun of sports at the same time, as far as possible to avoid risks. Wugong Mountain is also the same, some of the University’s outdoor sports community is clearly organized, ready. From their articles of view, there are detailed schedules, travel arrangements, security tips and tips. Choose this)相关的主题文章: