Panel Giants Rushed Into The

UnCategorized In mid-June, the vice president of China Video Industry Association with the eight major color TV manufacturers in mainland China re-opened a $ 5.5 billion purchase of large single LCD panel from Taiwan-based panel manufacturers. But the similar big purchases may be halved in the next year because the mainland domestic production capacity of panels is about to burst. This can only be one annotation why panel giants rush into mainland and set up factories. A more critical reason is that to support the local panel manufacturers, the mainland authorities are planning to improve the existing import duty for the LCD panels. If the panel giants have not yet .pleted its mainland factory layout before the adjustment of tariff rates, it means they will .pletely lose the price .petitiveness in the mainland panel market. In the early April, it is said that once the domestic production of independent panel project, the domestic LCD panel may increase import tariffs. Samsung, LG and other foreign panel manufacturers will face great challenges. So for Samsung and LG and other Korean panel manufacturers, the clock is ticking. Under the situation that panel industry turns worse, enterprises including AU Optronics, Chi Mei, Samsung and LGD are caught in the quagmire of a loss. It is still a question mark whether they could turn around in the third quarter and fourth quarter. For example, the BOE’s panel project has suffered depression for many years. The more losses the more investment they make. The more investment and more they lose. In the year of 2010, the loss was more than $ 2 billion. The loss in the first quarter was 670 million yuan. It is expected that the loss in the first half will be 1.25 billion to 13.5 million. In fact, the economic policy is that the state could raise import tariffs on LCD panels, which is undoubtedly the most effective means of supporting the local panel project. "The time to increase the tariff point of LCD panel will be at least at the end of next year." The analysts say that generally the nation increase tariffs to prevent the low prices dumping of foreign products in the domestic market. They increase tariffs to protect domestic enterprises. As the cost of LCD panel accounted for 70% to 80% of the cost of LCD television, the tariff increase would be a fatal blow to foreign pane giants. China’s LCD TV market has be.e the world’s largest market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: