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Persevere correct four winds   ensure that during the National Day delicate air – Guizhou Channel – original title: persevere correct four winds during the national day to ensure delicate gas is the day before, the Guizhou Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection held a teleconference on the national day during the implementation of the central spirit of the eight provisions, to correct the four winds special deployment. The meeting pointed out that since eighteen, the province’s party political changes obviously. But it must be clear that the "four winds issue habits very well, consolidate the correct four winds results, promote the spirit of the central eight provisions of the arduous task air plant. Meeting the requirements of discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should focus on the national node, strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability, to correct the four winds. An early reminder, early greeting. Through various forms of early, early greeting, should not eat do not eat, not firmly to the place, determined not to keep the money and determined not to take. Two to strengthen thorough investigation. Fixed send boxing, public funds, public funds to travel, Gongjusiyong and illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, lavish weddings and other prone high problems to carry out supervision and inspection, discipline violation behavior does not converge, not only will be severely punished, will not be tolerated, and giving names, public exposure, do more back the more strict discipline. Playing the "edge ball", "wear the cloak", "face" of the "four winds" severely dealt with, and investigated the related units to provide funding and reimbursement places, facilities and responsible. Three to be serious accountability. During the festival the correct four winds work arrangements, not to deploy, do not grasp the matter, find that the problem is not found, the treatment is not processing, especially the discipline violations shall be investigated for responsibility, both pursue the main responsibility and oversight responsibility, leadership responsibility and accountability, to ensure the delicate air, clean the holidays. (commissioning editor: Liu Sibo (Intern), Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: