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Photos: Ting Mei birthday dinner for her daughter to do the circle of stars with children Michiko Me for her daughter to do the birthday feast within the circle of stars with children on Tencent entertainment according to detective Zhao five report: yesterday, Ting Mei daughter quickly held great in strength and impetus birthday party, invited many stars to bring their children to participate in. In order to celebrate the 3 year old birthday, Ting Mei and her husband, Ceng Jianguang invited friends to celebrate the circle. Ting Mei the son of Yang Yang’s birthday held together, still live "draw lots", set off the climax. Tong Dawei, a family of five full scene, quite to face; the wife of Huang Jue, Liu Ye, Hu Jing and others wife with children come to join. On the day of the parent-child atmosphere is quite harmonious, Tong Dawei, the whole process of turning around the youngest son, two daughters free activities in the world, and so on. Although the baby is still small, but Guan Yue continue to explain the interesting details of the event to his son to listen to, more deeply to the depths of the Tong Dawei, kissing his son a small head. Liu Ye wife waiting around her daughter, the moment the balloon flying, she and her daughter simultaneously raised the gods wish. Hobby photography Huang Jue, the day in addition to bring his wife and children, not least his beloved camera, responsible for guest photographer, record memorable moments. With Ting Mei to play 96 "seven golden flowers" of Hu Jing, the day is very low-key, silently watching at all. Ting Mei and Zeng Jian held a wedding, she will attend this time to come, which shows the sisters. After the event, Ting Mei and guests farewell, gave the children to prepare a intimate gift.相关的主题文章: