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"Poverty alleviation cadres" – Xi Jinping Beijing, he lived in old cave, a barren land, eating dry food. He has a natural affection for the poor people, he has a strong sense of poverty alleviation. He had to learn the biogas technology to solve the villagers make light of travelling a thousand li at the difficulties of life, he was under pressure for years by the amount of relief food for farmers. He still often visits tramp over mountains and through ravines in poor areas. For poverty alleviation, he has been practicing. He has his persistence and dedication from a production brigade Party branch secretary of the great helmsman, poverty is always a work he spent most of their time. He is the poverty alleviation cadres Xi Jinping. A, 40 years of "poverty has always been an important part of my work, I spend most of the" jump "experience, let me have a natural feeling for the poor people live better and better now, my heart miss the people in poor areas." During the March 2014 national NPC and CPPCC, Xi Jinping in the Guizhou delegation, fondly recalled his days in the countryside. That year, Xi Jinping is 16 years old, came to Shaanxi Yanchuan County in the Liang Jia river. China rural poverty left a memory The imprint is engraved on my heart. to him, the poor keenly aware of he aroused strong feelings of poverty alleviation. In the Liang Jia river village, as the village party secretary at his own expense in Sichuan to study methane tank construction technology, back and hit the first port of biogas pool even splashing his face is shit, but he successfully led the villagers built the first village in the province of biogas. In Hebei when he was party secretary of Zhengding, he is under pressure to their superiors truthfully reflect the problem, for the farmers to purchase the amount of 28 million pounds of grain relief. In Fujian Ningde, when he was party secretary he pushed Fu’an longjiaoshezuxiang linked to poverty alleviation in Osaka highway construction, to change the present situation of basic traffic on "local". Then, to Zhejiang, to Shanghai, then to Beijing, although his place of work and duties are changing, but he is a poor heart One principle runs through it all. "Over the past 40 years, I have worked in the county, city, province, and central government, poverty alleviation has always been an important part of my work, I spent the most energy." At the 2015 Forum on poverty reduction and development, Xi Jinping said with deep emotion. Two, "as long as there is a one or even a person does not solve the basic problem, we cannot regard with equanimity" and "people’s yearning for a better life, is our goal." This is Xi Jinping in 2012 at the eighteen session of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau to meet with reporters on the solemn declaration. When it comes to it. Xi Jinping later became the general secretary of only a month, he braved the cold of minus ten degrees Celsius, Fuping County, Hebei province to study focuses on poverty alleviation and development work. Since the party’s eighteen years, he visited more than 30 times to visit the country, more than half of the issues involved in poverty alleviation and development. From the depths of the camel is located in Taihang Mountain Hebei Fuping County village, eighteen Dong Cun, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture; from Yunnan Ludian earthquake disaster area of heavy snow, to the old revolutionary base in Guizhou, Zunyi flower Mao village. In four years, he visited the poor, poor Joe相关的主题文章: