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"Pregnant women" ending friends propaganda Yuan Shanshan: Ni – Sohu Yuan Shanshan entertainment good don’t go "home pregnant women" Yuan Shanshan played good "pregnant women" Ni home entertainment Sohu Yuan Shanshan joy accompanied by a good time — copolymerization by Yuan Shanshan, starring Jia Nailiang urban comedy "home pregnant women" will be held tonight in the TV ending. The drama in the fantasy drama to break, warm and harmonious family atmosphere, the joy of humor gives us unlimited positive energy. Yuan Shanshan played a good on-line with Ni "fruit laugh", a name by oolong is hilarious unceasingly, many netizens praise: "the acting lever!" The lawyer is not just Yuan Shanshan’s serious in speech and manner, as a lawyer in the attitude of Yan "home pregnant women" in the work, not every detail of her strict working standards. And the life of Ni is a personality full of cool girl, she is a love of Sports Sailing enthusiasts, careless character makes one see "Zilai Shu", the plane encounters Jia Nailiang’s satisfaction, the two "strange" name was ridicule, also make the transfer empty sister awkward oolong, this suggests that the beginning of their fate. The second meeting of Ni Hao is the incarnation of the female man, staged a marathon to catch another drama thief, two people back and forth happy encounter, see the audience hooked. Not only have the joy of a pro harmonious scene, as well as from society, life stress and difficulties, and wisdom with Ni game between husband and wife let them know that happiness is in the side, never leave. Yuan Shanshan will be moving these real feelings to perfect interpretation of the most incisive, the solution of young people appeared emotional crisis emerged, driven by the emotions of the audience, so users better appreciation: "show very hierarchical Yuan Shanshan, down to earth show family to the real scene, very."相关的主题文章: