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The Nanjing Department of Qinhuai district public accounts   reception costs can check the Internet — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: official reception to spend much, check online will know that a year of official vehicles, official reception spent much money; how many low-income housing built; the door has no new kindergarten…… As of yesterday, 63 2015 Qinhuai District Department of public accounts has been completed, the reporter from the district finance department was informed that, compared with last year’s tax reform, this year the scope of the public sector accounts for a broader, more comprehensive content, people want to see the supervision can easily and quickly find, all public accounts have been uploaded every department website or district government website. 8 kindergartens in planning new is expected to be opened in August 2017; the construction of New South Road three, eight Jia Dong Jie low-income housing a total of 149 thousand square meters, 1220 sets; completed seven Street No. 20, small fire lane No. 20 and Liu Gong Xiang 3 old residential new Confucius temple tourist toilets; Yuyuan supporting project for the provincial tourism development special fund 1 million 400 thousand yuan…… This is a reporter yesterday in the district departments have access to the Internet to see the relevant public accounts. Relevant departments of the district finance department, last year, the district public sector accounts for the pilot, the 10 departments will be open to the public budget in 2014, as the Department of public accounts final pilot units. This year, the region to further deepen fiscal reform, promote the public budget and final accounts, and improve transparency and strengthen social supervision, in addition to the secret unit, the 63 sectors accounts for all public sector coverage in the region. From the 63 departments as the public accounts content, content more comprehensive, better transparency, public sector survey, according to the accounts department, the accounts department shows that the name explains four aspects, the completion of each department’s annual work; with income, expenditure and total amount; that income and expenditure accounts; the general public budget expenditure accounts for the financial allocation table; government fund budget allocation of income and expenditure accounts note, all departments have covered all the annual work, comprehensive and open more detailed data. Public interest in the general public budget financial allocations three funds, conference fees and other expenses, in all sectors of public accounts, there are detailed. Such as going abroad (border) costs spent much money; the purchase of official vehicles and running expenses, accounting for three funds proportion; official reception fees accounted for much of the spending, three funds in proportion to how much, people can glance at the public accounts. The higher the transparency of public sector accounts, social and public supervision can play a greater role." The relevant functional departments in the region, said that this will not only help the Department to manage the money in accordance with the law, but also to improve the livelihood of the project funding efforts to protect the ultimate benefit of the people. (Wei Ming) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: