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UnCategorized Many .panies came out of crisis and yet got back into trouble again. Why is it that these .panies which have managed to ride out of the ‘intensive care unit’ fall back into trouble again? We also see such problems with patients in that they are cured of "heart disease" and "lung ailments" and subsequently went back to the old bad habits of stressful living and smoking. These .panies and individuals did not continue to nurse themselves to good health through long term recovery and strengthening programs of their bodies and spirit. Once a .pany has .e out of the ‘intensive care’ stage, it is of paramount importance that it can continue to nurse itself to health. The pace of recovery and rehabilitation can vary from patients to patients, even though they maybe afflicted by the same disease. Similar to the recovery after a surgery, a physiotherapist will start you on an exercise and rehabilitation regime such as assisting you to walk with crutches. As you recuperate in the hospital, the physiotherapist and occupational therapist will teach you the proper way to walk, eat, bath, sit and dress. They will also advise on your diet and exercise programmes when you are discharged from hospital. The .pany needs to give itself time for healing and recovery. Then it needs to review and reflect on some of the hard issues relating to sales and marketing, customers and market positioning. Oftentimes, these basic issues are taken for granted and can get the .pany into trouble. The recovery period is also a good time for the .pany to recharge and reenergize itself through re-visiting its ethical values, inspirational and renewal process. After full recovery, the battle to stay in good health is not over yet. The .pany needs to continue to strengthen and have foresight to transform and innovate. It must also continue to build up its cash reserves. Some doctors believe that the immune system can defend the body against cancer and germs. The immunity is the defence system to .bat diseases. During this phase, the strengthening of the immune system is key to boosting health. The immune system for the .pany is the corporate culture. A dysfunctional corporate culture is one which is arrogant and full of ego. Also, the .pany needs to strengthen its immune system through healthy mindsets and vision. In medical science of psychosomatic, it is believed that the mental health can affect the physical health, similarly the mindset of the .pany can hurt the financial health. Oftentimes, in a sick .pany, the enemy is within. An organisation that has regained corporate wellness needs to implement a sustained programme to remain in the pink of health. The .pany needs to strengthen its heart through exercising, good diet and vitamin supplements. As these are long -term measures, their benefits are normally not visible immediately. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: