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Reporter asked: baking soda can really starve cancer cells do? Sohu health in these two days, because the "soda starve the cancer cells, the news, and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College’s phone has been ringing off the hook, to the president down to the emergency department have received numerous telephone consultation. This is a professor at the Zhejiang University Cancer Institute and Zhejiang two Xun Hu Chao Ming Department of Radiology Professor team recently published a study in the famous international academic journal eLife. In this study, they were treated with a "TILATACE" in 40 patients with advanced liver cancer, with an effective response rate of 100%. The cumulative median survival time of the patients was estimated to be as high as 3 and a half years. News out, instantly aroused heated debate on the network, it was touted, it was sprayed, and cancer patients as life-saving straw, and even patients flew directly from Sichuan to Hangzhou. This situation, the two professors did not expect. Today, the reporter interviewed two professors, several key issues of concern to users, as well as the debate on the network, made a response. Chao Ming Hu Xun asked: eLife is what kind of academic journal? Hu flood: eLife is a very good research journal, relatively new, Wikipedia (Wikipedia) on the magazine, its start-up capital, by the famous American Houston Medical Research Center, Germany’s Max Plank Society (Marx · Planck, British Society) Welcome Trust (Wellcome Trust) founded jointly funded, non-profit magazine. The editor in chief is Nobel Laureate in biology, Berkeley University biologist Randy Schekma, as far as I know, it’s 20 senior editorial board in 10, is a fellow of the American Academy of sciences. Q: what do you think of the research in the industry? Chao Ming: to tell the truth, after the article was published, I did not have a good look at. Hu Xun: This article was published in August 2nd, while on the line with the editorial board decided to hire and a letter (Decision Letter), the editor of the journal, the University of Pennsylvania experts to this article, write a paragraph, you can take a look. Q: how does baking soda cure cancer? Can baking soda cure cancer? Chao Ming: drinking alkaline water is really good for health, which is recognized as common sense. Good mineral water, it must be alkaline. However, the alkaline water has anti-cancer effect? This is not a study. Oral alkaline water, whether it can fight cancer? I’m not sure。 There is a case of foreign reports, a kidney cancer patients, not surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, doctors recommend him to drink soda water. But this is an individual case, does not mean rigorous science, whether it is baking soda played a role, do not know. In our study, the treatment method is used directly to nourish the tumor’s blood vessels to intratumoral injection of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), instead of drinking soda. We always think that this is just.相关的主题文章: