Reporters 5 days undercover investigation results shocking insider mall free sweepstakes (video) baxia

Reporters 5 days undercover investigation results shocking insider free lottery shopping mall in Jiyuan, you have had this experience: there will be a sell jewelry that is engaged in the activities of free lottery shopping, with a smoke in the first prize recently, the Jiyuan morning news reporters to find work for me to a shopping mall jade counter "application" and the five day undercover unannounced visits obtained shocking insider free gift coupons to buy the mall "acquiescence" cashier "accomplice" when selling jade "just move" can "winning" can actually control the so-called Hetian jade is actually "marble" the first day, the certificate may also a free gift coupons to undercover the purchasing power of people to practice the first day morning, the reporter arrived at the counter, the manager is assigned the first task in the "invoice" The exit of the supermarket, free gift coupons to the public, and tell them to jade counters can receive free gifts. The invoice is a skill, the manager said, the invoice must learn to look, to see who could buy things to whom." She reminded me again, if they do not have the purchasing power of the public active invoice, tell them the supermarket shopping full 50 yuan to send free gift coupons. Invoice before, remind the public manager, leading time gift coupons, just tell them they can receive free gifts on the line, no need to tell them they can free lottery, "I send this ticket, mainly in order to attract people to come." The announcement set the grand prize, 123 prize, but only the first prize and thank you for the good to receive free gifts, many members of the public consultation, to the counter where a free gift – Red String Bracelet, Taobao wholesale price is a few cents. Jiyuan Morning Post reporter noted that many people began to draw in the introduction of staff, after the finish, awards, some people directly pay, shopping. Some people go to the counter to receive gift summary the first day of the undercover practice, most of the time in the invoice, but the invoice is free lottery is very important in the process of. Jiyuan morning news reporters also noted that they wear the tooling and tooling supermarket staff, many people will think almost as like as two peas, this is even the mall supermarket activities. Undercover second days shopping malls "acquiescence" when the cashier "accomplice" second days of practice tasks or invoice. But the Jiyuan morning news reporter would like to know is that the mall and the so-called free lottery is linked? Chances are coming soon. This morning, the reporter came to the counter, he saw two staff in the gift coupon classification will be received yesterday counter people come to receive gifts. Seeing this, the reporter hurriedly to help by asking her how to be arranged. "In accordance with the above code points open, then count how many pieces of each number." After that, she took out a book, the number of records for each number of gifts of securities. "What’s the use of these numbers?" Reporters asked the staff. She said, No. 3 boss every month of the most awarded gifts coupons, according to figures to the upstairs cashier paid royalty. After finishing these numbered gift coupons, the staff gave reporters a stack of new gift coupons, said, "come, follow me upstairs invoice." On the way, she walked to me and said, "I’ll take you with me for a while相关的主题文章: