Roger Watts and Radiohead producer for the album k-boxing

Roger Watts and Radiohead producer Roger Watts for his Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 14th news, according to foreign media reports, the pink Freud band (Pink Floyd) – Roger Watts – central figure (Roger Waters) has been confirmed, he was in the band and Radiohead (Radiohead) producer Nigel Gerd Rishi (Nigel Godrich) together for a Zhang Quanxin studio album. Roger – Watts said that in the past year he has been preparing for the new album, which will be his new work since 1992, "Amused To Death" after the first official album. "We have stored some very good work in cans," Roger Watts said, "Nigel is very good, he said to me, people often want to do some very long length album," The Dark Side Of The Moon "(pink Freud classic album) is how long? I said thirty-eight minutes. I wrote all the songs on the part of the magic carpet, about politics, about the pain. I sang these songs to Roger and he said, ‘Oh, I like it a lot. That’s how we work together." "I’m in love, so it’s an album of love, and so are the themes of all my records." Roger – Watts said last weekend, Roger – California has just participated in the United States, "desert" (Desert Trip) Music Festival, to participate in this festival is a rock and roll in the history of the people. In addition to Roger Watts, several other performers are rolling stones (The Rolling Stones), has just won the Nobel prize for Literature – Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan), who (The Who), Paul Mccartney (Paul McCartney) and the Canadian folk rock veteran Neal – Yang (Neil Young). In September 6, 1943, Roger Watts was born in England, he is absolutely the core characters – Freud pink band, one of the most influential rock is the history of creative people. In his new album, revealed the news, Roger Watts also announced that he will host a North American tour in 2017, he promised in this tour concert of 1/4 new songs and 3/4 old songs. (KFCMAN)相关的主题文章: