Rooney has not in the United States are or to spend

Point of view: Rooney has not go to the super or America is a kite flower Rooney not? Sina sports news Rooney in Manchester is not the main force, there are rumors that the United States or super may be his next stop, in this regard, the former international star Lalas told major league teams such as the Milky Way Losangeles, Rooney has to die, don’t let him into the team to get money to spend". The Milky Way team used to love to sign some famous Premiership players, Beckham from 2007 to 2012 the effectiveness of the team, and now Gerrard and Ashley Cole in the squad to play. Lalas, who was the manager of the galaxy, operated the introduction of Beckham, but now, as he told the galaxy, there is nothing much to be said about the use of the galaxy by Mr Lalas. Lalas was the Milky Way operation signed Beckham "about Gerrard’s investment return is very few," Lalas said, "although Rooney young five years old, but he can really contribute a lot? If the 31 year old Rooney, has lost those who have made him strong quality, then obviously a problem." "Life in Beverly hill is very good, but if you can’t come up with the presence of performance, then you are in the kite flower (stealing money). Rooney is not the ten year old Rooney, of course, no one can be like ten years ago." (LEGION)相关的主题文章: