Set for a move to Bayern excuse Thanksgiving is not equal to the life force

Set for a move to Bayern excuse: Thanksgiving is not equal to the life force Dortmund Hummel J criticized on the outside of the said very do not understand the Phoenix sports news Beijing time on August 25th, according to the German "kicker" news, the Bayern defender Hummel J in an interview for their summer transfer will excuse that his criticism of the outside world can not understand, can not because of the need to have gratitude should always for a club. The effect of the Dortmund 8.5 season, Hummel J played 305 games and scored 25 goals, helping the team win the 5 titles, including 2 Bundesliga titles, 1 German Cup champion and 2 German Super Cup champion, last season, Hummel J is also the team’s captain, so when he return to Bayern a transfer fee of 35 million euros, many fans feel incomprehensible, the Hornets fans not only criticized him as a traitor, but Hummel J did not think of thanksgiving. In an interview, Hummel J explained to his transfer, he said, "I know, this will certainly lead to everyone’s surprise, but I think more people will understand my feelings and Munich in close contact." Hummel J from Bayern Munich Academy in Bayern, no chance, he chose to join Dortmund, but when he returned to the Allianz Arena, has caused a huge controversy. Hummel J continued, "why do you say I am lack of gratitude in this situation? In the past few years, when I have refused to offer, and continue to stay in Dortmund, why do not people say gratitude? Does it mean that you can only stay in a club for the rest of your life?" (Pell dees)相关的主题文章: