Shenyang city will build 19 roads planning four horizontal two l a string

Shenyang city will build 19 roads planning four horizontal two L a string of Shenyang metro line nine and line ten, and line two north extension line into the construction phase, the new line line four will soon start building, No. two south line extension line has also been carried out exploration operations. New urban construction of the central city continues to increase, the opening of the new bus lines to fill the outer ring road outside the bus blank. At the 2016 annual meeting of China’s urban planning in Shenyang, the rapid development of Shenyang’s urban transport system has attracted the attention of planners from all over the country. In accordance with the "speed up the national city construction planning center of Shenyang city (2014-2017)", to 2017, the rail transit network the basic form of "cross" and "link" and 100 km bus special road network, bus station construction area of 890 thousand square meters, the newly opened, adjustment and extension of bus lines 97, the city center within 20 km around the urban and rural passenger bus line 100%, residents of public transport share (excluding walking) 45%. Shenyang "one ring" to elevated mainly focus on the construction of the underpass bridge extension supplement forms part of a city protective shell, the construction of the Yellow River North Street, North Road two and Liao Shen connected metro, hub radiation, a total length of 40 km. Under the new scheme, a ring will use two 2 structures to elevated mainly, supplemented by the extension of subway bridge, east south central, south central part of the project, the western part of Southwest peace Huantie, Northwest Central Huanggu section and link tangent 5 paragraphs, a total of 7 important nodes across the board. The main project with 6 lanes, a ring set 5 elevated, 16.4 kilometers long; transform the 3 bridge, 2.9 km long, while building a West tangent (West Road Elevated construction), 2 km long, the line length of 23 km. The "ring" after the new, Hunnan Avenue near the South as the traffic function conversion, realize the large ring transportation system, the river become a main city of the Shenyang river. Shenyang city center will build 19 roads in Shenyang city in 2016 residential facilities project (a) project environmental impact assessment is for publicity projects located in Shenhe District, Huanggu District, district and district. The new road for the city road. In order to solve the problem of travel of residents of the New District, Shenyang will start the construction of 19 new residential facilities, including Shenhe District 8, District 3, Huanggu District 5, Yuhong District 3, a total length of 6.5 kilometers. The Shenhe district supporting the New District 8 projects, including the New South Road, municipal facilities Huimin Huimin New South Road, East New Planning Huimin road plan, East Flower villa 7 North Road, planning poly sea May flower east road plan, poly sea May flower west road plan, Huarun Central Park East Road, Yu Long project planning Chengdong road planning. Track planning "four vertical and four horizontal two L string" by 2020, Shenyang will be planning 11 subway lines building total length of 400 km, the formation of "four vertical and four horizontal two L string" subway network. The "four horizontal" East-West route, with the odd name, including 1, 3, 5, 7, 4 lines; "P" for the north-south line, to even named, including 2, 4, 6, 8, 4 lines; two L 9, 1.相关的主题文章: