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Shock! Nanchang college students 7 cases of AIDS deaths of 135 people – the health of the University of Sohu, with the spread of AIDS accounted for 8 of men, men infected with AIDS in the early symptoms of the three. In September 14th, Nanchang City CDC said, to the end of August 2016, the city of Nanchang has 37 colleges and universities report or AIDS patients, a total of 135 cases of HIV infection students report survival patients and 7 cases of death. At the same time, in recent years, Nanchang city youth student HIV AIDS cases increased rapidly in the last 5 years, the annual growth rate of 43.16%; 2011~2015 new student cases, male homosexual transmission accounted for 83.61%, sexual transmission has become the main way for young students infected with aids. In fact, this phenomenon is not only in Nanchang, in the country, the prevalence of AIDS in college gay population is also increasing year by year. According to data released by the National Health Planning Commission, in 2014, young students accounted for 16.58% of the total number of young people infected with HIV infection, while in 2008 was 5.77%, the growth rate is faster than other age groups. Among them, sexual transmission is the main way, according to the survey, the young people through the spread of male infection has reached 81.6%. Expert analysis, the first reason is that the concept of college students open, free. In addition, the lack of knowledge of college students safety, I do not know how to protect themselves. There was an increase in the number of male students in the University, and some boys did not take safety measures in the process of purchasing services. Finally, sex education lags behind, many college students know little about AIDS, which also sounded the alarm for health, education and other departments. At the beginning of the three adult male AIDS symptoms: a male adult acute symptoms of AIDS there are some people in the early stage of infection can occur in male early symptoms of AIDS, the incidence rate of about 50%, mainly to have a fever, sore throat, dizziness, weakness, joint pain, rash, superficial lymph nodes and other similar "cold symptoms, some people can also have diarrhea. The symptoms usually disappear after 1-2 weeks, after which the men infected with HIV will be transferred to asymptomatic incubation period. Two adult male, the majority of the people in the incubation period of AIDS symptoms latency is asymptomatic, but few adult men in the incubation period of AIDS will have lymph node enlargement and neurological symptoms, mainly, dizziness, depression, memory loss, action and language barriers, acute aseptic meningitis, manifested as headache, neurological symptoms. And meningeal irritation. Lymph node enlargement is also a sign of latent period, in a small number of adult men with HIV infection throughout the cycle has been found. Three, male adult end-stage AIDS opportunistic infection can have significant symptoms of fever, fatigue, night sweats, is not easy to control the weight loss (10% "), persistent diarrhea, persistent fever (" 38 C) for more than 3 months and other clinical manifestations; clinical manifestations and immune defects serious. Such as the cellular immune response is slow, opportunistic infections and malignant tumors, involving various body systems and organs, and there is often a variety of pathogens causing infection.相关的主题文章: