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Sichuan police crackdown Huang Rongcheng: 10 years more than and 30 people abducted women and children find itself handling – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu November 14th news (reporter Zhou Xiangji) Sichuan Ziyang City, an ordinary police crackdown in 10 years, the main investigation of more than and 30 cases, find abducted children, more than 30 women, let more than and 30 family reunion. He is still in the crackdown on the road. The 14 reporters from Sichuan Ziyang city Yanjiang District Public Security Bureau learned that the police crackdown called Huang Rongcheng, 53 years old this year, is the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade investigators, demobilized from the army when the police crackdown has been 20 years, attention for 10 years. "In the beginning, I am not familiar with the crackdown work, failed to break the case for 3 years." Huang Rongcheng said, in 2006, he became responsible for the Yanjiang District branch of the crackdown, but all trafficking cases almost no basic materials, case I do not know where to start. Everything from scratch, Huang Rongcheng from the most basic work to start, first access to historical archives, sort out the clues of each case, and then visit the various police stations to verify. Huang Rongcheng still remembers his first case. October 12, 2010, a woman named Zhang Sufang with a piece of material came to Yanjiang District branch, asked the police to help retrieve the missing son of 20 years of age, Li Yuchun. "The grey-haired old mother, a splash kneeling in front of me this young man, my heart startled, tears brim over with tears." Huang Rongcheng said, see the gaunt old man, he vowed to "traffickers to justice, help to achieve" separated family reunion dream". Also in this year, he applied to become a baby home volunteers. Huang Rongcheng will be Zhang Sufang’s information into the public security database, and do everything possible to find the ex husband of the collection of DNA information, but also in the baby home website release information. In September 2011, the case was classified as Ministry of public security supervision of trafficking cases. After hard work, in August 1, 2012, Li Yuchun and in Hebei than the success of the information. In August 13th, after 25 years Li Yuchun returned to Sichuan, the mother and son cry on each other’s shoulder. "I went to the side, also shed tears, and finally solve the case, excited." Huang Rongcheng said that this year is in uncovered 8 cases of abductions, achieved initial success. "I am a police crackdown, but also crackdown volunteers, not only tube in the hands of their case." Huang Rongcheng is very proud to say that many of the family will be tracing blood samples sent to him here, he helped to build a national DNA database entry, also repeatedly help lost family reunion. Huang Rongcheng said, many are now looking for clues to search from the site, he went to the office first thing, is to open the computer, browse search information on the website. "As a volunteer, I want to help more families." The baby home Sichuan responsible Li Hong said that Huang Rongcheng in Sichuan Province as the first batch of volunteers to join the police, very active, tracing the person to find him, he will give help. Ziyang city Yanjiang District Public Security Bureau, responsible person said, from 2006 to 2016, Huang Rongcheng crackdown 10 years, Yanjiang Kyoritsu 313 trafficking cases, he was involved in breaking.相关的主题文章: