Sichuan’s poorest children have not eaten meat for ten years Liangshan zhouweishuji response – Beiji

Sichuan’s poorest children have not eaten meat for ten years? Liangshan zhouweishuji – in response to the new network recently circulated on the Internet called "Sichuan’s poorest places have poor children ten years did not eat meat" posts. The effect is: Liangshan’s poorest children, ten years did not eat meat, schools and so on in shreds and patches. So, Liangshan really like this article the? See how to respond to Liangshan zhouweishuji! Liangshan zhouweishuji Lin Shucheng in the circle of friends issued a document, sentence is: the words from the bottom of the heart for a long time, there are always some people online for some purpose, to discredit Liangshan. Especially in view of the current situation of the social concerns of children and the elderly, drugs, AIDS and other issues prevalent and society; distorted, fabricated facts, called on the Liangshan poverty label ~ in order to win the eye, take irresponsible deceitful, shot put and other means, to disregard the party and the government of poverty alleviation. Great changes in Liangshan Yi area not change rapidly, make a lot of hurt feelings of the masses of all ethnic groups, the majority of Internet users to deceive the feelings of things. What’s more, behind the negative reports irresponsible, and then to the public welfare donations, to help face corruption and other illegal possession for closure of the real, conscience and compassion of consumer society. Please be sure to look at the reason of these so-called revelations, the so-called realistic record, have the opportunity to look at the field of Liangshan, Liangshan, Liangshan’s progress, especially the people of all ethnic groups in Liangshan life and feel poverty Benkang struggle! How has Liangshan how to fight poverty, another volunteer message! In the circle of friends, his book straight: Liangshan some public institutions annually donated hundreds of millions, the routine is always the same, by wearing dirty clothes to the children to eat potatoes Bo donations. Over the past few years, this change? Liangshan children’s clothes clean? Have changed? Money does not bring Liangshan external change, but more to the poor children to dirty for Yi Rong, because this is the only way to get donations, brought to the outside of the Liangshan disappointment, and abuse attack. Some people say that Liangshan’s education is very backward, I see that there is a village in Liangshan a child, compulsory education to the kindergarten, the country only. More money can not change outside Liangshan, Liangshan is in need of self-improvement, when Yi is no longer with the identity of the weak handouts are focused upon, when the Yi people will stand out and refused to accept donations, Liangshan can really bring about change, the network of Yi abuse will disappear. Daqiaodi Township Central school students every day a meal of meat, such as the Liangshan minority schools. Recently, we learned in Puge County, Yanyuan County, Zhaojue County, Muli County and other places, many schools not only provide rich dishes, and make them satisfied. (on May 2015) bianhouyu horizontal comparison, the development of education in Liangshan is lagging behind, there are still many difficult problems to be solved. But in "one step across thousands of years" history of social development, education in Liangshan has made gratifying achievements, to achieve leapfrog development, now all kinds of school running conditions improve, the student funding system has perfect school management level.相关的主题文章: