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.munications The needs of people decide what will be the next revolution in the world. The most affected changes are due to change in technology. These are clearly seen in many fields like military, space shuttles, navigation, transport, education and lot more. But the most severely affected is the field of tele.munication. Here the researchers are doing their best to have the best features and the latest modes of .munication. .munication started from the time when the kings and queens had the messengers transferring the scripts. Then there came the general postal system, which was replaced by the telegraph. And the last and the latest invention are the telephones. In this category also, the people developing the phones, got the best way of getting freedom from the wires as the cordless telephones and the mobile phones. The evergreen selling Siemens gigaset are the top selling phones since a long time. These latest cordless phones have the best features and the latest facilities. Initially the cordless phones that were provided were very bulky and had just calling features. But now the leading phone manufacturing .panies are offering handsets with all the latest features and good looks as well. Previously the phones were having no display, just as the fixed line phones. The first launched display enabled phones had monochromatic display of a single line and very less number of characters. Slowly and steadily the numbers of lines increased with the advent of colour displays. Now the latest Siemens Gigasets are provided with illuminated, 6-line colour display (128 x 128 pixels, 4,096 colours). The next revolution was done in the messaging features. The previously launched phones had no provision for messaging. There were only calls as the mode of .munication. Then after realising this fault the phone manufacturers came up with messaging features in the cordless phones as well. Now the latest Siemens gigaset have SMS with up to 640 characters. They also provide the facility of an answering machine with A digital answering machine integrated into the Gigaset E455. This helps for the old aged people and the working ladies. Whenever they are not at home, these are still not missing their calls and messages. As soon as you reach back home, they can easily listen to all the missed calls and the recorded messages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: