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Small business who seek to use inbound marketing techniques and Business Tips, where they can be found by their prospects, rather than parading themselves as pushy "internet marketers" are conducting small business. Prospects Need Solutions A sure way to attract a prospect is by offering a solution to a problem they seek to solve. This can be done by "keying" long tail keywords that address the prospect’s question. Consider this example, "How to set up a business online on a fixed budget." You are actually taking what they already are asking and are ready to provide a solution that will match their question. Teaching Gives Relief Now that the prospect’s attention has been captured it is time to teach them in relation to what they want answers to. This is an opportune time to build a list of interested prospects. To your prospect this time of learning will be viewed as helping them get closer to the solution they have been seeking. Pay close attention to further desires to learn as this will help in gaining their confidence in solutions you have to offer. Provide Tools Although, you may be on a budget you can still offer further value to your prospects with free tools that will help them in their endeavor toward a solution. These tools may be found elsewhere, at minimal or no cost. Take the example, that your prospect not only wants to set up a business online on a fixed budget, but you further discover their need to visualize a plan of action. Then you can offer them a free mind mapping tool to help them ac.plish just that. It provides business tips and business help for growing small business. Satisfy Their Need for More Now that you have attracted your prospects, who at first, dropped by as a visitor, where you offered them some answers, converting them to leads, now here is where you convert your leads into sales. Now that you have gained your prospect’s confidence in that you showed you cared for them to provided them with some answers, they are more apt to purchase a product from you to continue to offer further solutions. These simple lead generation practices will help your prospects find you rather than being in front of people that have no interest in what you have to offer, which is referred to as inbound marketing. The Top Inbound Marketing Technique Blogs are by far one of the most effective inbound marketing techniques because it offers your prospects, solutions and helps them gain confidence in you. Inbound marketing techniques are also effective in the form of podcast, where your prospects hear you speak rather than read. Video Marketing A growing effective way of internet marketing called video marketing is being used as a means to inform and teach prospects. Not only do potential prospects hear your voice they see your face and that brings .fort to know that a "real" person is dealing with them. More Online Marketing EBooks, news letters, reports and social media are the norm in internet marketing rather than the in your face direct advertising. Content The greatest need for this style of online marketing is the need for content but that is increasingly affordable with many who offer affordable content services. Today’s marketing standards are great news for the small business owner, who is operating on a budget as the majority of your inbound marketing is done online using electronic means of transfer with little or no out of pocket expense. 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