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Son and mother reunited tracing abducted 35 year-end method error was 3 times Miss – Beijing, 35 years later, mother to meet, cried together. Fan Yong was abducted before photo and mother yesterday afternoon, Chongqin Jiangbei Airport passengers arrive at the channel mouth, a 60 year old Fan Li craned his neck, on tiptoe to look: "why hasn’t come out yet?" On 15 August, she almost every night to sleep, waiting for her, is the son of Fan Yong abducted 35 years. The volunteers told the Chongqing evening news reporter, if the mother and son by tracing the correct way, maybe earlier several years reunion. The fortune teller said children in northern Fan Li now lives in Yubei District’s home, then living in Yuzhong area Huayi village. She told the Chongqing evening news reporter, the son is only 5 years old when her husband died, leaving the mother. Fan Yong in the Zhongshan primary school, smart and lovely, but also very naughty, often go out to play truant. In order to discipline his son, Fan Li no less then beat him, but it also makes the fan Yong more rebellious. Only primary school on a regular run away from home, I really do not have a woman to take him." Fan Li said, in January 1981, the son said to go to the toilet outside, never go home. "I took the picture of my son." Fan Li said that his son disappeared, she also told the police station, but in the same year, the police can not find fan yong. 1983, Fan Li remarried, because his son disappeared, she insisted that no longer have children. Later, she heard that his son may be in Chengdu, and took photos to find Chengdu, of course, no fruit and back. Under the clueless about her, she went to a fortune teller asked the whereabouts of the child. The fortune teller said the child was in the north." Fan Li, then sell the house to quit her job, go to the North tracing, a walk is two years, ran out of money back to Chongqing. Fan Yong went to where Fan Yong told the Chongqing evening news reporter, this 35 years, every day, he lives in the mother’s thoughts and remorse. "When I was young too naughty, if I don’t run out, will not be abducted." Fan Yong said that he was lying to his mother said to go to the bathroom, in fact, ran out to play, but the 6 year old he encountered a human traffickers. I have been sold at least 2 times in memory, and finally came to the town of Guangdong, Leizhou Bai Zhen Fu village. Here, every day I live in the shadow of the abducted peers, bully me, said I was bought." Fan Yong said that after the primary school grade 4, he dropped out of school in the home farming, a little older to go out to work. Fan Yong said, his heart still remember when he got home, the first salary, the first thing is to go back to Chongqing to find her mother. "Every time I have money, I come back to find someone. I went back to Chongqing three times, the last time I was at the age of 25. I went to the memory of the Monument for Liberation, but the specific location of the home has been blurred." Fan Yong said that he did not know should go to the police station, has been vacant in the streets to find their own. In vain missed the opportunity, then married with a child, to make money to work, there is no time to find a mother." From the elderly to the children and grandchildren of the mother and son can finally meet again, thanks to the baby come home the road network相关的主题文章: