SONY PS VR foreign media evaluation summary price is the advantage but we are waiting for the big aquaria

SONY PS VR foreign media evaluation summary is the price advantage but everyone in the masterpiece [Abstract]PS VR landing China market in October 13th, although it is very difficult to buy, but compared with other similar high-end VR devices, and the price of the old equipment compatibility is a major advantage. Tencent digital news (John) launched the PlayStation VR has been more than a year from September 15th last year, Tokyo game show SONY conference SONY, after waiting, PlayStation VR finally officially on sale. Virtual reality products of this long-awaited will be listed on the main face of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive two competitors, the price is the most concern of the majority of game player, Oculus Rift is priced at $599, HTC $799 Vive, while the PlayStation VR price of only $399 (mainland price of 2999 yuan), on the surface PlayStation VR has a large price advantage, but in addition to PS4, if you want a more complete experience VR games, also need to separate a SONY PlayStation camera and PlayStation Move controller, if you have not purchased the two kind of equipment, you can consider buying PlayStation VR suit, set the price of $499 (mainland for the price of 3699 yuan), a PS VR, including a PlayStation Camera and two PlayStation Move handle. So, even if complete all the equipment required for VR PlayStation, the cost is less than that of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, is not fond of it? Moreover, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive also need a high configuration computer to be able to experience a smooth VR game, PlayStation VR only with the original PlayStation 4 (hereinafter referred to as PS VR) can be the perfect experience of virtual reality games. Let us take a look at the foreign media is how to evaluate the VR device. GamespotPS VR has been a controversial virtual display device. Compared with high-performance PC Oculus and HTC Vive helmet, PS4 hardware performance is far superior to the high performance graphics PC host Rift. In addition, the PS and VR collocation MOVE controller and the camera is the Sony Corp 2010 sale of equipment, the two original peripherals are not in order to PS VR and design, in the rapid development of electronic products today, whether many years ago to meet the new requirements of the game equipment remains to be tested. But through the experience of a few days, can really feel the SONY VR devices do well, while comparing the existing equipment also has some disadvantages. PS VR is SONY launched a VR virtual reality head.相关的主题文章: