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South Africa held the first national brand Forum (Figure) – International – People’s network in August 24th, the first national brand forum held in South africa. The forum by the members of the board of directors’ brand in South Africa (Janine  Hills) chair.   Zhang Jiexian   photo August 24 Johannesburg Xinhua (Zhang Jiexian) South Africa 24, held the first national brand forum, hundreds of representatives from the local government, enterprises and the folk around "how to build national brand" suggestions. South Africa is not a lack of good story, it is necessary to actively voice in the international community." South Africa’s minister of communications Mutua Mbeki (Faith Muthambi) on the forum, said. She said that as a developing country, South Africa, to enhance the image of the country will help create a more favorable environment, thereby promoting investment, trade, tourism, while establishing better diplomatic relations with other countries. Brand building is a part of national development, every citizen should be "a share", a brand building should hold regular dialogue mechanism. Forum is divided into four major topics, namely humanities, tourism, investment and exports, social cohesion and government governance. Participants in each field were free to communicate in the group discussion of each topic. According to Ann Holt national brand index (Anholt Nation Brand Index) 2015 annual report, South Africa’s national image ranked thirty-eighth in the 50 participating countries, Chinese ranked twenty-third. The index from the government governance, national quality, culture, tourism, exports, investment and immigration, six aspects of the evaluation of national brand image. Although South Africa ranked in 2014, in 2015 have fallen a ranking, the country in terms of national quality, tourism industry has improved, in terms of government governance, export stability. South Africa brand CEO Markku Bela (Kingsley Makhubela) said that South Africa should often reflect on their own to the international community to show the image of the country, therefore, to discuss issues related to intelligence gathering in government and the private sector is very necessary. The forum hosted by the brand Africa (South Africa South (Brand)). South Africa brand was founded in August 2002, is the national image promotion agency of South Africa, by the government of South Africa, the presidential office, Department of trade and industry, Tourism Bureau, government communication and information system (GCIS) funded the establishment of South Africa is committed to shaping a positive good brand image, dispel misconceptions and stereotypes for South Africa, the promotion of international investment to create more employment opportunities for national. (  Gao Tian Tian (Intern), commissioning editor: Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: