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What Does The Uk Cities House Price Index Show Strategic Land Investors? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 21st 2015 – The price of housing is climbing to unsustainable levels in certain key UK cities. This is bad for employers and workers – but perhaps an opportunity for land investors. Tags: What Does The Crossrail .muter Project Tell Us About Strategic Land Investing? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 20th 2015 – Land values along the Reading-to-Sheffield line in Essex have increased by 96 per cent, demonstrating the pent-up need for housing in strategic UK locations. Tags: What Are Key Characteristics That Foster Sustainable Uk City Growth? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 15th 2015 – Simple economics of wealth and productivity do not indicate which urban areas can sustain healthy growth. What"��s clear is the action is outside of London. Tags: The Role Of Strong Urban Infrastructure In Growing Uk Cities By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 15th 2015 – How important are good transport, housing and other infrastructure in cities"�� growth prospects? What does this mean to developers and homebuilders? Tags: Smart Workers In The Uk: How University "spin-outs" Support Metro Growth By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 14th 2015 – Great Britain"��s world-renowned universities create jobs in many ways. Real estate investors need take note, as those job creators need buildings. Tags: How Well Are Uk Cities Planning For Growth? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 11th 2015 – Increasing the number of homes in the next quarter century is critical and a focus of the NPPF. But many local authorities have no plan as of yet. Tags: How Many Empty Homes Are In England – And What Does This Tell Real Estate Developers? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 10th 2015 – For a variety of reasons, there are many unoccupied residences in the UK. This is deeply ironic, given the housing shortage, but offers insight for housing investors. Tags: How Do Trends Toward Teleworking Affect Homebuilding In The Uk? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 10th 2015 – Location formerly determined the value of most real estate. But technology now enables working from home, altering the need for homes to be near workplaces. Tags: How Do Growth And Residential Construction Reduce Poverty For Uk Cities? By: Bradley Weiss | Apr 10th 2015 – Private investment in housing is largely about asset growth. But by fostering construction and new homes, the investor also plays a role in poverty abatement. Tags: Why Do Garden Cities Face Opposition – And What Are The Counterarguments? By: Bradley Weiss | Mar 26th 2015 – Large-scale building might be an important part of increasing the UK housing stock if objections can be over.e. But investor-led homebuilding drives development now. Tags: What Are The Largest Brownfield Developments In The Uk – And Why Are There So Few Of Them? By: Bradley Weiss | Mar 23rd 2015 – Brownfields can be more costly to build on and sometimes fail to provide the kind of housing needed. Occasionally, however, they provide a good return on investment. Tags: What Are The Differences Between Rampant Land Speculation And Solid Land Investment In The Uk? By: Bradley Weiss | Mar 23rd 2015 – With foreign investment driving up land prices, speculation strategies beckon. But land development investments are more stabilising for investors – and the country. Tags: Two Million Working Adults In The Uk Live With Parents – What Is The Investor’s Opportunity? By: Bradley Weiss | Mar 19th 2015 – The numbers are unfavourable to both buyers and renters, particularly those under 40. So employers, investors and homebuilders are looking outside of London. Tags: The Uk’s "rent Trap" – How Can Land And Housing Investors Provide Solutions? By: Bradley Weiss | Mar 18th 2015 – Fewer people are buying than renting homes in 2015. This likely has broader social and economic impacts in Britain – which private sector investment can mitigate. Tags: The Rise Of Uk House Building And Implications For Land Investing By: Bradley Weiss | Mar 16th 2015 – Housing starts and .pletions in England are up. But it takes the tenacious and well-advised investor to help the country meet the strong demand for homes. Tags: The Differences Between Investing In Housing And Mass Infrastructure By: Bradley Weiss | Mar 15th 2015 – From an investor’s perspective, the ROI in housing might be greater than that achieved from road and rail projects. But infrastructure is fundamental to development and deserves holistic thinking. Tags: Must London Allow Density And Sprawl To Address Housing Shortages And High Prices? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 25th 2014 – The city has to do several things to keep it affordable and vital. Public policy matters for increasing housing supply, but private investment is already at work. Tags: Labour’s Emma Reynolds Predictions: A Dire Housing Future – And Her Proposed Solutions By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 22nd 2014 – The shadow housing minister’s job is to disagree with the Government. But her policy proposals to boost homebuilding investments certainly offer detailed perspectives. Tags: Is The Uk Housing Shortage Crisis A Myth? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 21st 2014 – Yes, there are many empty homes in London and elsewhere. But affordable, middle-class homes are lacking – something the private investment sector is correcting. Tags: How Are "locally Led" Garden Cities Different? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 18th 2014 – Localism in land use planning is the new mantra for address the UK housing shortage. But smaller scale, investor-driven projects get more done for now. Tags: Do Ecovillages And Other Sustainable Developments Inform Uk Housing Concepts? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 16th 2014 – Green developments are perceived as a means to circumvent local planning processes. Private investments in earth-friendly, resilient development can still work. Tags: Beyond Just Housing, The Uk Needs To Develop Holistic And Sustainable .munities By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 13th 2014 – Fast building, as is needed in England, can often lead to poor quality structures. But with new and better, sustainable homes, smart houses are possible and affordable. Tags: What Are The Short And Long Term Risks Of Investing In Land As A Real Asset Investment? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 11th 2014 – Land assets are quite capable of yielding strong investment returns. But risks are everywhere – know what they are, and work with professionals if you can. Tags: What Are The Relationships Between Land Fund Managers, Local Governments And Planning Authorities? By: Bradley Weiss | Dec 10th 2014 – There are formal and informal ways by which investor-funded developers achieve land-use changes. But .munity relationships, and flexibility, matter as well. Tags: The Roles And Responsibilities Of Property Fund Managers By: Chris Westerman | Nov 25th 2014 – Turning land into valuable property is neither magic nor easy. The people who manage development on behalf of investors must have several skills to achieve asset growth. Tags: The Green Land Investor: How To Invest In Sustainable Land By: Chris Westerman | Nov 24th 2014 – To be a "responsible property investor" means building green. Smart capital growth land investors consider short-, medium- and long-term values of eco-development. Tags: The Differences Between Institutional And Non-institutional Land Investors By: Chris Westerman | Nov 18th 2014 – The nature of investing in land differs between individuals and institutions. But the reasons that real estate development is attractive to both are quite similar. Tags: Is It Wise For Real Asset Fund Managers To Invest In Strategic Land .panies? By: Chris Westerman | Nov 17th 2014 – Fund managers are like individual investors: Each seeks a maximum return on their investments. The performance of the sector should drive their participation. Tags: Strategic Land: How The Roi Differs From Other Real Estate Investments By: Chris Westerman | Nov 13th 2014 – There are many ways to invest in UK property. As house building accelerates to meet demand, it helps to study the characteristics of various investment types. Tags: How Much Reporting Transparency Should Investors Expect From Property Fund Managers? By: Chris Westerman | Nov 12th 2014 – Disclosure and transparency are on the rise in .mercial real estate investment. But the same factors also drive confidence in residential development. Tags: Does A Land Investor Working With A Property Fund Manager Require An Ifa? By: Chris Westerman | Nov 11th 2014 – Regardless of the type of investment you consider, your relative wealth or your age, it quite likely makes sense to get the objective advice of an IFA. Tags: What Are The Opportunities For Investors In Uk Rental Housing? By: Chris Westerman | Nov 6th 2014 – For a variety of reasons more people rent their homes than 10 years ago in the UK. Developers and homebuilders are developing properties accordingly. Tags: The Help To Buy Debate: Is This Why Home Price Averages Are Climbing? By: Chris Westerman | Oct 16th 2014 – Many like to criticise the Help to Buy scheme, alleging price increases result. But others disagree: most buyers are outside of London, new to ownership. Tags: Lpas In Slow At Writing Development Plans In The Uk By: Chris Westerman | Oct 15th 2014 – British planning system changes should speed up housing delivery in an orderly fashion. But developers may be better at designing growth plans. Tags: Why Land Banking Is A "myth," According To The Home Builders Federation By: Chris Westerman | Oct 12th 2014 – Indeed there are a few hundred thousand plots awaiting building in the UK. But what"��s holding back homes is bureaucracy and construction time. Tags: The Hidden Homeless Of The House-short Uk Impacts The Broader Economy By: Chris Westerman | Oct 8th 2014 – People are making do with what shelter is available. But so many renters, flat-sharers and home-with-mum-ers all indicate the need to build more homes. Tags: The Agricultural Building-conversion Rules – Effective At Increasing Housing? By: Chris Westerman | Oct 8th 2014 – Converting agricultural structures to homes will provide additional housing in rural and suburban areas. But a true dent in the housing shortage will .e by other means. Tags: How Much More Housing Is Needed Outside Of London? By: Chris Westerman | Oct 7th 2014 – Districts outside of the capital city – including the North and West – are seeing private industry growth. But without housing for employees, that can’t continue. Tags: Can Uk Agricultural Land Give Way To Housing? By: Chris Westerman | Oct 5th 2014 – The hard argument between land for farms vs. homes is too binary. The shifting nature of agriculture and farmland suggest a spectrum of solutions. Tags: Ways The Economically Disadvantaged In The Uk Are Affected By The Housing Shortage By: Chris Westerman | Oct 3rd 2014 – The shortage of homes in England and Wales means that everyone faces higher prices and rental rates. But the pain doesn"��t end there – as lower-in.e people know well. Tags: The Surprising Environmental Cost Of The Uk Housing Shortage By: Chris Westerman | Sep 23rd 2014 – Older homes run less efficiently than newer ones. But perhaps the very reasons there are fewer homes than needed place stresses on the English environment as well. Tags: How The Ageing Of The Uk Population Impacts Housing By: Chris Westerman | Sep 23rd 2014 – It"��s no longer unusual for ageing Britons to experience their fourth generation of progeny. While healthy seniors live longer in their homes, they may wish to move. Tags: How Former Farm Buildings Convert To Homes In The House-short Uk By: Chris Westerman | Sep 16th 2014 – Planning Order 2014 allows that barns can be converted to houses in England and Wales. Guides exist on how owners and investors can ac.plish this architecturally. Tags: Help To Buy: More Houses Or Just Higher Prices For Uk Households? By: Chris Westerman | Sep 15th 2014 – The Government"��s scheme to help homebuyers is working, but some worry it"��s working too well. It serves the investor to take into account opinions from all sides. Tags: Can The Uk Provide More Housing Options For Seniors? By: Chris Westerman | Sep 14th 2014 – England lags behind other countries in housing options for seniors. If there were alternatives, it could free up their larger homes for families to buy. Tags: Would Loan-curbing Proposals From Chancellor Osborne Affect New Home Buyers? By: Chris Westerman | Sep 13th 2014 – The Help to Buy scheme has proven effective for home buyers and builders. But the Chancellor"��s concerns about a house price bubble may, errantly, cause a cut back. Tags: What Are The Worst Consequences That Population Growth In The Uk Could Bring? By: Chris Westerman | Sep 10th 2014 – While census figures indicate that rapid population growth is underway in England, there is no data suggesting that more people cannot be absorbed. Tags: The Help To Buy Program Explained – With Assessment Of First Year Results By: Chris Westerman | Sep 8th 2014 – The Government"��s scheme to help homebuyers, the Help to Buy program, is showing signs of success for buyers and builders. The numbers don"��t lie. Tags: How Do Eurozone Real Assets Perform Relative To The Uk? By: Chris Westerman | Sep 8th 2014 – Real assets in Britain are preferred by land investors, particularly due to factors of transparency. It"��s why homes are cheap in Ireland and expensive in England. Tags: Local Planning Authorities Follow Dictates – But Try To Help, Too By: Chris Westerman | Aug 26th 2014 – The role of the LPAs has increased with the Localism Act. But it"��s not all about throwing up barriers. These authorities serve as a valuable resource to investors. Tags: 相关的主题文章: